Ikan Bilis – Khasiat Zat Besi & Mudah di Masak.

Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) merupakan stok makanan paling mudah yang mesti ada dalam simpanan untuk dimasak bagi mereka yang sibuk bekerja.

Terdapat pelbagai cara untuk menyediakan masakan yang berasaskan ikan bilis, selain ianya berzat, cepat di masak dan stok boleh disimpan lama sedikit berbanding lauk basah lain (fresh fish, chicken and meat).

Ikan bilis kaya dengan zat besi dan merupakan salah satu makanan yang dicadangkan dapat bantu menaikkan Hb yang rendah.

Since we are working parents, kami akan pastikan stok ikan bilis ini sentiasa in the fridge. Bila-bila dah blank tak tau nak masak apa atau masa nak naikkan selera kids yang kadang2 on dan off tu.. ikan bilis will be our back up menu. Dari simple perencah cooking based, goreng sampailah complicated sikit which is ” sambal Ikan bilis for nasi lemak” (tak lah complicated sangat pun ๐Ÿ˜‰

Actually since baby lagi i dah started to introduced to my kids. When i do a simple plain porridge i will add in ikan bilis goreng kering (guna olive oil and lesser oil) yang sudah di kisar halus. Memang la baby suka sangat.

ikan bilis biasa

Ikan bilis ni pulak kena pandai pilih untuk dapat yang sedap. I am actually was raised in Kelantan while my partner from Sabah. After married been introduced dengan mak mertua ikan bilis dari Sabah ni. Hahaha… terus murtad i tell you.. from now and then memang all my stock are coming from Sabah.. be it Ikan Bilis, Belacan, Udang Kering, Cili Botol … 100% dari sana.

ikan bilis bersih

Why??? Sebab rasanya yang fresh dan sedap, bila makan tak rasa gatal lidah and lastly easy to get (for me). Ada few types of ikan bilis dari yang jenis kecil-kecil (boleh prepared goreng siap letak dalam balang for kids munchies), standard dan besar sikit. I tak la pro sangat untuk differentiate tapi apa yang I tau end results is good.

Kadang-kadang rasa frust pulak when I ate out for Nasi Lemak but ikan bilis is like 5-6 ketul served and taste …not as good as I normally cooked. Only ikan bilis kot.. that should attract people from the taste itself selain sambal yang sedap la kan.

Later I will share few easy recipe to cook with Ikan Bilis – so you see how variety you can make and adding colors to your house cooking taste.

If anyone nak beli ikan bilis that I normally stock up, please comment down here and will share how to get it. Adioss…

Process for Indonesian Maid ‘Balik Kampung’

This year 2019, maid did told us that she need to gather with her families which also working abroad since her mother not in good health condition. So she requested for 2 months leave.

Her last 1-month balik kampung trip was in year 2013. Process and procedure might change from back then. Am still yet to understand of latest processes but was told by maid that her friend which just return from ‘Balik Kampung’ didn’t went to embassy for that purposed. Employer just bought return flight tickets and that will do. She is now safely back in KL and working with same employer.

Because am not sure its the right way.. so my plan is to contact with Malaysia Imigresen and Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesiao (KBRI) to gather all latest info and update in blog soon when all clear out.

But here i need to share my previous processes only for reference in case the procedure all remain same;

  1. Make sure maid passport and permit still active from the date of departure and arrival (at least 3 or 6 months) – this might not be an exact info (duration expiry) but it is important requirement should comply.
  2. Book return flight tickets.
  3. Prepare a letter to allow maid going back hometown. “surat kebenaran pulang bercuti bagi pembantu rumah” – will attached sample soon. Other than tickets information letter must attached together with copy of Maid Permit and Passport.
  4. Maid must have an active insurance policy. I bought two policies; one from Malaysian Insurance Provider and the other they asked to purchased from Indonesian Insurance provider (Konsorsium Asuransi Proteksi TKI) where their office located just next to KBRI (Indonesian Embassy).
  5. Went to KBRI and filled up contract of employment form and submit together with below documents.
  6. Documents needed before can proceed with KBRI; 3 sets employment contract forms, 2 copies of employer ID, 2 copies of Malaysian Insurance, 2 copies of Indonesian Insurance Protection and 2 set of copies on passport, permit and address.
  7. Employer, Witness and Maid need to sign and attend some short interview session. Acceptance of Contract of Employment by KBRI – stamped document.
  8. This 3 employment contract for KBRI, Employer and Maid.
  9. Maid need to bring together all the documents when going home and make few copies. Then she brought her employment contract to Kartu Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (KTKLN) in Indonesia and been given a card (Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri or Overseas Workers ID Card).

Hope this time would be easier.

Tip Top Air-cond Servicing

I had few bad experiences in servicing house air-cond. Hired few services provider but not that lucky to experienced some after serviced issues such as gas leaks or not cold.

But at last I found this one company who is expert in air-cond servicing. They can service air-cond without taking out part of the unit from the wall. The process is quicker and results satisfying – air-cond is very cold after service. I used their services for few times and every after service makes my air-cond felt like new.

service aircond
method used or air-cond servicing
ts aircond 60 12-672 9633
Service Provider contact : TS air-cond 60 12-672 9633

So I would recommend this company:

TS Air-cond Sdn Bhd

Tel: 60 12-672 9633

Thumbs UP!!

Getting Maid Insured (Protection Plan)

Nowadays having an insurance coverage really important due to rising cost of medical and hospitalisations.

People buy medical & hospitalisation or life insurance policy for themselves, parents and kids normally due to an awareness of getting self covered and protected financially in case anything happen to the bread winner of family members. It can at least help to ease burden in term of medical cost or upon death leaving your loved one with some money (settle your debts)

There are time also when we plan for overseas holiday trip we tend to forget that buying Travel Insurance is a must. There was a lot of cases and stories circulated in social media of other family suffering when their members fall sicked while overseas and cant afford to pay – reasons of high medical cost , high in currency exchange or different countries policy to bring back the deceased.

Same goes for the maid – employer, we need to get our maid insured so that can ease burden if anything happen. Off course no one want bad thing to happen .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

For all this while, information or advertisement on Maid Insurance didn’t came across my eyeballs .. except one – RHB Maid Insurance.

So i bought this easy grab one policy.. seriously easy to apply. You can do it online or just purchase policy at any Pos Malaysia office.

RHB Maid Insurance Plan (PA)

Make sure bring a copy of proposer/ employer ID and Maid Passport to submit together with the application form. After make payment they will give you a policy cover note and within few days RHB will post to your house the printed policy. Easier as ever.

On the other, on PERKESO Maid Insurance … yet to get info for that .. :0

Here sample of application form obtain from call center

Valuable Life Quotes

“Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.”- Jack Canfield

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” – Lao Tzu

“All your dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney

“If you want your children turn out well, spend twice much time with them, and half as much money.” – Abigal Van Buren

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, LOVE of what you are doing.” – Pele

“I caught some lucky breaks along the way. But I’d say the harder I work, the luckier I got.” – Brian Roberts, CFO Lyft

Arrival of Maid i-Kad – after long delay

Refer to my earlier post in September 2018 https://www.awesomegrasp.com/not-yet-getting-maid-ikad-myeg-renewal/

Finally by end of December 2018 i received maid i-Kad. Took them 3 months to print the card – reason given ‘ too many card to print’ and ‘earlier problem with printing machine’

What i did at my end to ensure card are delivered to us;

  1. write an email to Print Nasional and provide with the complete information of the permit and cc-ed email to main service provide. (myeg)
  2. Do follow up call to customer Print Nasional customer service center for status. (few times)
  3. Comment on MYEG facebook account and got their respond through Private messaging.
  4. Request them to courier card to home. Reject options for pick up. That what intention MYEG – less hassle service for.

Speak louder than word. Actions make things happen. – these two quotes applied.

Voila… got our card!!!

Repair Floor Tiles That Popped Up & Replace Vinyl Floor

Last September, 2018, suddenly my floor made a lot of cracking sound. It sounds like firecracker. I noticed that our living hall floor started to pop up.

floor tiles popped
floor tiles popped

The vinyl floor also popped up due the tiles floor.

I called my contractor asking for quotation to repair the popped tiles. The contractor said popped tiles happened due to low workmanship e.g not enough cement under the tiles (it produces hollow sound if you step on the tiles) or due the not enough cement glue during the mixture.

Steps Repairing The Pop Tiles

1) Remove the Popped Tiles

remove popped tiles
remove popped tiles

2) Pour New Cement mixed with Cement Glue

floor tiles popped up
floor tiles popped up


cement glue
cement glue

3) Install New Tiles

installing new tiles
installing new tiles

new tiles installed
new tiles installed

4) Wait Till It Dries & Make the floor flat and smooth using patching compound

make the tiles smooth even
make the tiles smooth even


5) Install The New Vinyl


new vinly installed
new vinly installed


Consideration for Kids Pre School / Kindergarten / Early Education

Every parents will definitely choose the best place for their kids to learn. My experienced in 2014 enrolling my daughter was really challenging. First timer lots of screening to do, now i just continue that made up decision for my youngest which will go for a pre school at age of 5 by 2019.

When is the right time to send them?

I have a maid so it is not an issue for me to enrol them earlier or later. I decided to let my kids enjoy their kids time at home and play with other sibling. By age 5, all have to start going for pre school and have a ‘Fun Learning while making friends.

My main criteria in choosing which kindergarten to send them are basically as per below;

Safer Surrounding

We did few survey and its a NO.. NO to shop-lot premises. Our concern is more of their safety. In case of emergency they have to run down the stairs which are narrow and there is a danger of falling when too many kids – possible of pushing each other.

Since we are hiring transporter – if its a shop it will be a common area and risk of accident are at chance.

So we decided to choose kindergarten which having its own compound with strict safety rules and regulations apply to parent and transporter. Security guard also is a must.

2 bedrooms with balcony windmill genting highlands

Friendlier Teacher

Teacher must be friendlier to kids and have skills to approach them. This will consider as introduction for kids being away from their parents, home and routine. If the teacher are convincing enough life will be easier for mommy and daddy … hehe!

Am satisfied with real kids because we are able to communicate with teacher and they do update on my kids progress. They also heard our feedback and take actions through out our complaints.

Fun Syllabus and Activities

Check on syllabus and activities they are offering and you decide from there. Some offers other than main subject (English, Bahasa, Maths, Mandarin) like swimming, musics, art, computer, agama and others.

Kids are also given an opportunity to expose themselves from activities like drama, joining for concert and public speaking.

Medium of communication – must be English. We observed our eldest kids, they are fluent and confident to communicate in English. So when they went for Kebangsaan School, they just need to divert to BM communicative. Some of their friend aren’t confidence in communicating English. While the school environment itself not encouraging for kids to use English other that during English syllabus. It’s a stepping stone for them being at English medium pre schoolers.


Other than location which are nearer to our house. The school space should be spacious and convenience for kids to play and running around.

Education Feesย 

This I put last because it will depends on everyone’s budget. Some would save more and spent at other things but some willing to pay high for a certain education preference and conveniency.

Normally the cost will consists of security deposits, advance 2 moths fees, supplementary fees, materials fees and uniforms.

Realkids 2019 Fee Structure

Finally My Books Ordered From Amazon.Com Arrived

Alhamdullillah my books finally arrived. I was worried that I woudn’t receive the books because it happened to me last time 15 years back when I ordered my first book at Amazon. My mistake when it didn’t arrived 15 years back I didn’t complain to Amazon.

Worry that it would happen again, I complained immediately after not getting my books. Fortunately I received the books yesterday and at same time I got refund on my postal charges from amazon as mentioned in my My Books delivery from Amazon are delayed.

Now I have to read 3 books about restaurants. I bought these books because I want to understand restaurant business but I don’t have any planning to open a restaurant though.

my books ordered from amazon arrived
my books ordered from amazon arrived

my books ordered from amazon arrived
my books ordered from amazon arrived

my books ordered from amazon arrived
my books ordered from amazon arrived

My Amazon Books Delivery is Delayed

I ordered few books at Amazon.com on 8th September 2018. According to Amazon, I shall get the books by 24th September 2018. Unfortunately till 27th, I haven’t received the books.

amazon order delivery
amazon order delivery


It worried me. Then I complained to Amazon via Live Chat. The customer representative told me that Amazon delayed the order processing and expected the books will be delivered to my house by 11th October.

The good thing the customer representative offered postal refund of USD19.96.

amazon live chat
amazon live chat

Wow it really impressed me. Give me confidence buying more from Amazon!