Badminton Training at Chong Ming Badminton Academy in Kota Damansara

My kids Lisha, Hadeef & Hadien love to play badminton. It started when I bought badminton rackets for them. The rackets were hang at the store room for few months. Then suddenly they asked to play it. I didn’t involve at first. They played for few weeks without me watching them playing.

When I watched them playing for first time, I was surprised that they could hit badminton shuttle cocks and they enjoyed playing it.

Training in Action

At the academy, they teach the kids techniques playing badminton correctly and get physical fitness.

Chong Ming Badminton Academy

chong ming badminton academy
chong ming badminton academy

I decided to send them to Chong Ming Badminton Academy in Kota Damansara to get them proper training, exposure, get physical fitness and discipline them to wake up early.

The academy offers 2 type of trainings
1) Weekend Training – 2 hours from 9am – 11am
2) Intensive Training every day (Monday to Friday – 4 pm – 6PM and Saturday to Sunday – 7 am – 9 am)

I send them to the weekend training.
It has 20 – 30 kids on training every session and they have 2 coaches.


1) Weekend Training with 4 sessions a month – RM120 per month per kid
or 8 sessions per month of RM200 per month

2) Intensive Training – RM50 per session per kid

chong ming badminton academy weekend class
chong ming badminton academy weekend class
chong ming badminton academy intensive training
chong ming badminton academy intensive training

Training Location

Sunsuria Sport Planet, Kota Damansara

Address: Plaza-1 Sunsuria Avenue PJU 5,, Persiaran Mahogani, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Google Map:

Motion Gymnastics 4th In House Gymnastics Competition

Motion Gymnastics held their 4th In House competition on 7th December at their Subang outlet.

Around 87 participants joined this in house competition from level 1, 2, 3, 4 and competitive level.

Aliesha joined as well for level 2.

She got 9th out of 24 for level 2.

motion gym 4th competition
motion gym 4th competition
participants getting ready
participants getting ready
lisha joined motion gym competition
lisha joined motion gym competition

Final Score Level 2

Liesha School Trip to Kidzania

Liesha was excited to join her SK Bukit Jelutong school trip to Kidzania. She really wanted to go because she could go with her best friends. The day before going to Kidzania, she prepared her shoes, water tumbler and her bags.

According to her, she did more than 10 jobs while there. She said that SK Bukit Jelutong will organize another trip after final year exam and she would like to join again together with her friends.

Besides, teachers were really awesome by creating WhatsApp group with parents and shared live update the students photos. It made parents like joining the trip as well.

Liesha School Trip to Kidszania
Liesha School Trip to Kidszania
sk bukit jelutong school trip to kidszania
sk bukit jelutong school trip to kidszania
sk bukit jelutong school trip to kidszania
sk bukit jelutong school trip to kidszania
sk bukit jelutong school trip to kidszania
sk bukit jelutong school trip to kidszania
sk bukit jelutong school trip to kidszania
sk bukit jelutong school trip to kidszania


Preparation for Drum Yamaha Grade 10 Examination

“TIME YOU ENJOY WASTING IS NOT WASTED TIME” – Marthe Troly-Curtin, Phrynette Married.

As a parent we need to educate our kids on how important for them to manage their time wisely. To get them to value time they need to be discipline.

I remembered during my younger age there was no electronics, gadgets or apps that could help to manage my schedule or alerted me to do a certain task. What I did was to prepare a scrapped book with tasks/ actions segregated by time frame on day to day basis. For example; at 5.oo – 5.30pm (watering plant & fold cloth), 6.oopm (shower) … felt guilty when didn’t follow it.

But these activities are more to routine and will become meticulous even though it’s important to be time conscious. So we focus on the time filling instead.

We introduced our boy to music lesson which he chose to play drum at first and permanently become his liking which he continuously attends to weekend class. He practices every day for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

We take step forward to measure his efforts in this field by registering him for Drum Yamaha Grade 10 Examination. We want to expose him playing in front of examiners and to develop his self confidence.

He practices nearly every day using his electronics drum. So far according to his teacher, he is able to do it.

hadeef yamaha drum grade examination session
hadeef yamaha drum grade examination session

Yamaha Grade Examination was held at YAMAHA centre in Kelana Jaya. Now we need to wait for the results which according to staff result will take around 1 month to be released.

Mom and Dad always Pray for you Hadeef! Best of Luck!

Yamaha Drum Grade Examination Explanation

Kangaroo Math Year 2019 Result

I encouraged Aliesha and Hadeef joined Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC). I want to give them exposure on problem solving and develop their interest in Math.

Based on Kangaroo Math website the result is categorized as below:

The allocation of percentage for participants in KMC is as follows:

Top 10% of participants from each category are the MEDALISTS.
From here, the top 1.3% will receive GOLD MEDAL, the next 3.3% will receive SILVER MEDAL and the remaining 5.4% will receive BRONZE MEDAL. Students wil also be awarded with certificates.
The next 40% of participants are the receivers of HONORABLE MENTION certificates.
The remaining 50% will receive the certificate of PARTICIPATION.
Grand Prix Award are rewarded to Gold Medalist students who scored the highest mark from each category.
Congratulations to all winners!

windmill genting highlands 6 pax 2 rooms with balcony

Lisha and Hadeef are both in Ecolier category.
Lisha managed to get Honorable Mention while Hadeef Certificate of Participation.

Full Results of KMC 2019

Badminton Practice At SK Bukit Jelutong

Aliesha & Hadeef attended SK Bukit Jelutong badminton training. The external coach teaches them the right way to play badminton.

I recorded few techniques so I can watch back and ask my kids to repeat it when they play badminton at our neighbourhood in the evening.

The coach advised to watch Lee Chong Wei video to learn how professional player plays badminton.

Aliesha and Hadeef really enjoy playing badminton especially Hadeef keeps asking when he can play badminton in the evening.

Badminton Elite Club Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Jelutong

Since early this year, my kids play badminton and they love it. Aliesha joins club badminton at her school Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Jelutong (SKBJ). Her teacher noticed that she can play badminton and has potential to be groomed further.

So she recommends her to be enrolled into SKBJ Badminton Elite Club. The club conducts training every Sunday and trained by professional coach.

Even though I play lots of badminton when I was teenager, I am myself never had a proper badminton training. When I saw how they taught the kids made me learn proper way of playing badminton.

SKBJ Badminton Elite Club Warming Up
SKBJ Badminton Elite Club Warming Up

SKBJ Badminton Elite Club Stretching

50 Reasons Why Parents Should Encourage Their Children Play Sports

I encourage my children to do sports. Every weekend we play bicycle in the morning and badminton in the evening. While Lish does gym every Saturday morning for one hour and half.

I encourage them to play sports mostly because of these:

  1.  Builds character
  2. Develop focus
  3. Increase energy level
  4. Build friendship
  5. Build strengths
  6. Reduce fatigue
  7. Teaches children about winning and losing

Developing Good Habits at Young Age

Every parents want their kids to be successful in their life be it in academic, sports or other fields.

As parent we want our kids to be excel in their:

  1. Academic
  2. Sports
  3. Music
  4. Finance
  5. Programming
  6. Religion

Of course don’t expect them to be excellent in all those but will try to equip them with the right knowledge and habits.

Talking about habits, it is the most important skills to have in order to achieve what ever you want in life.

There is a popular book about the “Power of Habits” by Charles Duhigg – you must have strong discipline if you want to be good at anything. You must be able to wake up early and study. If you feel tired make move to increase stamina by exercising, at same time it will release your stress.

For my kids, below are the routine that we have together especially if I’m on leave or during weekend.

  1. Wake up by 6:00AM
  2. Solat Subuh together
  3. My kids do their academic exercise from 7:00AM to 8:00AM
  4. Ride bicycle until 9:00AM
  5. Breakfast
  6. Have their shower
  7. Let them play together with their siblings mostly iPad. They play Roblox or Minecraft together.
  8. Lunch
  9. Solat Zuhur together
  10. Another round of extra work
  11. Then Deef practices his drums while Lish practices her gym.
  12. Free time for them what ever they want to do but as usual they play iPad.
  13. Solat Asar together
  14. Dinner, Solat Maghrib and Isyak together.
  15. At night usually reviewing back what they have done on their extra works.
  16. If they are weak on one particular topics, I will jot it down in my excel sheet so I remember that they have to repeat it in next few days to ensure they truly understand and remember how to do it.

I try to achieve life balance for them, not too playful and not too academic etc. I believe in Wasatiyyah.

Surprisingly, the most difficult part is for me to monitor and ensure my kids do the daily routine. My beloved kids will just follow it as people say it is easy to teach kids when they are young.