Repair Floor Tiles That Popped Up & Replace Vinyl Floor

Last September, 2018, suddenly my floor made a lot of cracking sound. It sounds like firecracker. I noticed that our living hall floor started to pop up.

floor tiles popped
floor tiles popped

The vinyl floor also popped up due the tiles floor.

I called my contractor asking for quotation to repair the popped tiles. The contractor said popped tiles happened due to low workmanship e.g not enough cement under the tiles (it produces hollow sound if you step on the tiles) or due the not enough cement glue during the mixture.

Steps Repairing The Pop Tiles

1) Remove the Popped Tiles

remove popped tiles
remove popped tiles

2) Pour New Cement mixed with Cement Glue

floor tiles popped up
floor tiles popped up


cement glue
cement glue

3) Install New Tiles

installing new tiles
installing new tiles
new tiles installed
new tiles installed

4) Wait Till It Dries & Make the floor flat and smooth using patching compound

make the tiles smooth even
make the tiles smooth even


5) Install The New Vinyl


new vinly installed
new vinly installed


Homemade Chicken Rendang Pizza Recipe

My guy just loved to eat Rendang especially Chicken Rendang. Every time Raya festive for sure he would asked for it. You can eat rendang with rice, ketupat, lemang, pulut kuning or even bread.. at home i must make sure i would standby a baguette for him to eat with.

Since this his favourite, he requested me to try out pizza with chicken rendang toppings. Surprisingly my first time exploring just worth it because it really taste good.

Here I share the recipe for Chicken Rendang Pizza;



  • Cook your usual Chicken Rendang and make sure you have some gravy so can use it as a sauce to cover on top of pizza base.
  • Use fork to slice out the chicken into small pieces. Put aside.
  • Thin slice fresh Holland yellow onion
  • Thin slice green capsicum
  • pizza cheese toppings (i put less but up to your liking)

Use Thin crust or Pan crust pizza base (whichever you prefer), put the gravy sauce on top of the pizza base make sure not too wet. Then you can put all the ingredient above following the steps.

Pre heat the oven at 220 degree then baked your pizza. Cook within 15-20 minutes but it will subject to our oven, can always observed so that your cheese just nice melt and not blackened.

Thank you.

Homemade Chicken Rendang Pizza
fresh from oven


My previous post on homemade pizza.

Simple Homemade Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza is a dish of Italian origin, consisting of a flat round base of dough baked with a topping of tomatoes and cheese, typically with added meat, fish, or vegetables. Here are some simple homemade pizza for the families who loved to eat pizza;


for the sauce;

  1. Preego sauce – Traditional Mushrooms
  2. Chicken Broth
  3. Oregano
  4. Black paper
  5. sugar

Put all the ingredients follow the numbering steps one by one in a cooking pan and stir altogether. This sauce is for you to put/ align on top of the pizza base / dough before putting other ingredients for the toppings of your choice.

for the Toppings;

A. Chicken Pepperoni

Chicken Pepperoni Pizza homemade
  • slices of chicken pepperoni
  • fresh Holland yellow onion (Thin slice)
  • Cremini mushrooms (thin slice)
  • pizza cheese toppings

Arrange all of the ingredients on top of the pizza base + sauce. Follow the ingredients steps accordingly. You can add anything you want on top – this is only the simple content which normally kids would love to eat without throwing away some of the toppings ingredients. Baked in oven for 220 degrees for few minutes – just monitor the cheese and sauce not to be blackened.

Before Baked

B. Beef Pepperoni

Homemade Pepperoni Beef Pizza
  • slices of Beef pepperoni
  • fresh Holland yellow onion (Thin slice)
  • Cremini mushrooms (thin slice)
  • Baby Tomatoes (each half cut)
  • green Capsicum (thin slice)
  • small slices of pineapple
  • pizza cheese toppings

Arrange all of the ingredients on top of the pizza base + sauce. Follow the ingredients steps accordingly. You can add anything you want on top. Baked in oven for 220 degrees for few minutes – just monitor the cheese and sauce not to be blackened.



For pizza base, i decided to make life easy and buy the ready made pizza base – you can choose for normal pan crust or thin crust. Goodluck trying this easy peasy recipe!!

Kids Act of Loved to Appreciate by Parents

Act 1 by Son (age 8)

After finished eating dinner, I was putting my plate to the sink.
Seeing that Deef then switched off the dining light because he knew that I don’t like to waste electricity.
I was moved because no need to tell him to assist me.

Me: Thanks Deef for switching off the light.
Deef: Your welcome papa.

Act 2 by Daughter (age 9)

While working at my room and the fan was off.

Liesha:  Papa, u don’t feel hot inside?
Me: Yes
Liesha: Papa, u don’t feel hot?
Me: mmhhhmmm.

Then she switched on the fan.
Me: Thanks Kakak.
Liesha: Your welcome.


  1. Don’t waste
  2. Offer helps without asking.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden + Shibuya Crossing

Day 3 @ Park in Japan

Shinjuku Gyo-en is a large park and garden in Shinjuku and Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. It was originally a residence of the Naitō family in the Edo period. Afterwards, it became a garden under the management of the Imperial Household Agency of Japan. The  144 acres park area are located within the city.

Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the largest and most popular park located news Shinjuk Station. Park’s spacious lawns, meandering walking paths and tranquil scenery provide a relaxing escape from the busy urban center around it.

picnic and enjoying the view

Inside park itself you can explore three different types of garden which are Japanese Garden, English Garden and French Garden other than its Green House, forested areas, lawns, restaurant an information center and an art gallery.

Japanese Landscape Garden – featuring large ponds dotted with islands and bridges. Well manicured shrubs and trees surround the water together with several pavilions and the Kyu Goryotei (also called the Taiwan Pavilion) which was built on the occasion of the wedding of the Showa Emperor.

The park’s other main gardens include a symmetrically arranged formal French garden, and an English landscape garden featuring wide, open lawns surrounded by flowering cherry trees.

We spent around 900 yen (around RM 33.00) for the entry tickets (2 adults, 2 seniors and 3 kids). Admission ticket for 1 adult is 200 yen (ard RM7). Opening hours from 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Closed on Mondays (or following day if Monday is a national holiday), December 29 to January 3. There are no closing days during the cherry blossom season (late March to late April) and the Chrysanthemum Exhibition (first half of November).

You may browse their official website before your visits.

Shinjuku Gyoen

We did lots of walking on that day from Okubo to the Park. Walked for 11.32km with 15,733 steps .. so healthy journey. amazingly kids didn’t complaint – they really enjoy the day.

Shibuya Crossing


We also passed by Shibuya Crossing. We went on Sunday evening and road are closed for cars.. lots of people walking on the streets, tourist taking photos and us too.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices (TMGO), Shinjuku

Building and architectural structures view

TMGO also known as Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building or Tocho’. Located in West Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is the headquarters of the government offices.

I guess in Malaysia consider same as Putrajaya where most Government offices are stationed.

The tallest building in Tokyo and the second tallest building in Japan, the TMGO was conceived as a high-tech center from which Tokyo could be led into the promising twenty-first century.

It was said that the design of the building was meant to resemble a computer chip,while also evoking the look of a Gothic cathedral. But am not really aware of that point during my visit and that surrounding area was already enough with stunning tall building bricks.

The design structures of the building are so nice for photo taking.

TMGO, Japan
The Metropolitan Government Building


TMGO walkway

Yoyogi Park & Takeshita Street, Tokyo

Yoyogi Park is one of the largest city parks, featuring wide lawns. ponds, and forested areas located in Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. It is known for its ginko tree forest, which turns intensely golden during autumn. Other than tourist attractions, local citizens came here for a jogging, cycling, picnic and other outdoor activities.

Distance of Yoyogi Park and Takeshita Street from our airbnb homestay was not that far, making us plan for this park visit on day 1 of our Japan trip. Our homestay is near to Okubo Station and Yoyogi Park is 5 minutes walk from Harajuku Station on the JR Yamanote Line. It is located next to Meiji Shrine.

It’s a free entry park and the toilet facilities are clean. Make sure you bring a bottle of water for clean up. Here are some of the photos taken;

Yoyogi Park
Yoyogi Park
Golden leaves
Golden leaves
Park free entrance
Park free entrance
Meiji Shrine
Meiji Shrine
parents at yoyogi park
parents at yoyogi park
parents at yoyogi park
parents at yoyogi park


Takeshita Street is just 15 minutes walk from Yoyogi Park. It is claimed as one of the busiest and brightest shopping streets in Tokyo.

walking distance from LRT to yoyogi park
walking distance from LRT to yoyogi park

The street is mainly filled with independent stores and smaller brands as well as a few small department stores, meaning there is a seriously huge range to choose from. There are varieties of shops from selling :- Shirts, costumes, socks, Make up and Skin cares, and some street foods.(refer here

We just stop for some munchies and didn’t go further in 😉

Takeshita Streeta
Takeshita Streets
Ate some hot fries at takeshita street
Ate some hot fries at Takeshita street

Day 1 – Japan Trip

Consideration for Kids Pre School / Kindergarten / Early Education

Every parents will definitely choose the best place for their kids to learn. My experienced in 2014 enrolling my daughter was really challenging. First timer lots of screening to do, now i just continue that made up decision for my youngest which will go for a pre school at age of 5 by 2019.

When is the right time to send them?

I have a maid so it is not an issue for me to enrol them earlier or later. I decided to let my kids enjoy their kids time at home and play with other sibling. By age 5, all have to start going for pre school and have a ‘Fun Learning while making friends.

My main criteria in choosing which kindergarten to send them are basically as per below;

Safer Surrounding

We did few survey and its a NO.. NO to shop-lot premises. Our concern is more of their safety. In case of emergency they have to run down the stairs which are narrow and there is a danger of falling when too many kids – possible of pushing each other.

Since we are hiring transporter – if its a shop it will be a common area and risk of accident are at chance.

So we decided to choose kindergarten which having its own compound with strict safety rules and regulations apply to parent and transporter. Security guard also is a must.

2 bedrooms with balcony windmill genting highlands

Friendlier Teacher

Teacher must be friendlier to kids and have skills to approach them. This will consider as introduction for kids being away from their parents, home and routine. If the teacher are convincing enough life will be easier for mommy and daddy … hehe!

Am satisfied with real kids because we are able to communicate with teacher and they do update on my kids progress. They also heard our feedback and take actions through out our complaints.

Fun Syllabus and Activities

Check on syllabus and activities they are offering and you decide from there. Some offers other than main subject (English, Bahasa, Maths, Mandarin) like swimming, musics, art, computer, agama and others.

Kids are also given an opportunity to expose themselves from activities like drama, joining for concert and public speaking.

Medium of communication – must be English. We observed our eldest kids, they are fluent and confident to communicate in English. So when they went for Kebangsaan School, they just need to divert to BM communicative. Some of their friend aren’t confidence in communicating English. While the school environment itself not encouraging for kids to use English other that during English syllabus. It’s a stepping stone for them being at English medium pre schoolers.


Other than location which are nearer to our house. The school space should be spacious and convenience for kids to play and running around.

Education Fees 

This I put last because it will depends on everyone’s budget. Some would save more and spent at other things but some willing to pay high for a certain education preference and conveniency.

Normally the cost will consists of security deposits, advance 2 moths fees, supplementary fees, materials fees and uniforms.

Realkids 2019 Fee Structure

Finally My Books Ordered From Amazon.Com Arrived

Alhamdullillah my books finally arrived. I was worried that I woudn’t receive the books because it happened to me last time 15 years back when I ordered my first book at Amazon. My mistake when it didn’t arrived 15 years back I didn’t complain to Amazon.

Worry that it would happen again, I complained immediately after not getting my books. Fortunately I received the books yesterday and at same time I got refund on my postal charges from amazon as mentioned in my My Books delivery from Amazon are delayed.

Now I have to read 3 books about restaurants. I bought these books because I want to understand restaurant business but I don’t have any planning to open a restaurant though.

my books ordered from amazon arrived
my books ordered from amazon arrived
my books ordered from amazon arrived
my books ordered from amazon arrived
my books ordered from amazon arrived
my books ordered from amazon arrived