Panasonic EcoNavi Aircond Not Working

Aircond Blows Hot Air

My Panasonic aircond recently just blowed hot air. I have Panasonic EcoNavi 1.5HP model CS-CU12PKH.

I asked my regular serviceman to check it. According to him, the compressor was broken and suggested to change to another compressor or new aircond which cost a whopping RM2,000. My Panasonic aircond is just 5 years old and I service it regularly.

Finding The Right Serviceman

I didn’t believe because the way he explained was not convincing and the way he checked didn’t have step by step troubleshooting. Furthermore if compressor is broken, the power will trip.

So I had to check for second opinion with many aircond servicemen. I explained the symptoms where the aircond blowed hot air, all the LED didn’t show any red lights but sometimes if I switch on the aircond it is cold but water was dripping.

To my dismay most of them couldn’t detect what possibly the aircond problems. They wanted to check and will charge me for going to my house if I didn’t replace any parts.

I personally doesn’t have confidence in them because for me if you are expert you could possibly have some hypothesis what went wrong.

Found The Solution

Fortunately I contacted Aircond Tech which I got their contact from Mudah.My. I explained to them the symptoms and they were able to zoom that possibly the sensor is broken. So I gave it a try and asked them to come to my house.

Aircond Tech came to my house and replaced my Panasonic aircond sensor and voila! It works. Now cold air is coming out.

panasonic aircond sensor
panasonic aircond sensor
panasonic aircond econavi repair
panasonic aircond econavi repair

Total repair cost is RM120 with 2 weeks warranty.

Observing The Outcome

Now I’m observing the repair works whether it is totally repaired. I notice that the aircond fan quiet strong and it keeps blowing cold air even though it is cold already. Last time, the aircond fan would slow down if the temperature is cold to the set temperature.

Nearly after 2 weeks, the aircond doesnt produce any cold air anymore. Again, I contacted Zul telling the problem. According to the technician possibly it is the capacitor this time.

So after replacing the capacitor the aircond becomes cold again!

panasonic aircond capacitor
panasonic aircond capacitor

But I feel uncomfortable to replace two parts in short time. I am wondering whether the sensor is really broken or actually it is the capacitor is broken at first place.

Total Cost of Repair

Sensor: RM120
Capacitor: RM120
Total: RM240



Panasonic Copper Sensor cost RM15 at Shopee

Panasonic Aircond Model CS-CU12PKH

aircond tech repair aircond
aircond tech repair aircond

Tel: 60 11-1604 7175 (Zul)

Ceiling Fan Makes Clicking Sound

After few months after installation, my ceiling fan starts making loud clicking sound which is really annoying.

I surfed on the internet on how to fix it but to no avail.

Then I asked Eddie, handyman that did lots of quality jobs on my plumbing, floor and many other things.

I shared the video to him and immediately he told me to tighten the cover.

ceiling fan cover that caused the clickng sound
ceiling fan cover that caused the clickng sound


After tighten the cover, no more loud annoying clicking sound!


Thanks to Eddie who is really helpful.


If you want a reliable and honest handyman you can contact him.

Eddie – 019 372 5018

Kangaroo Math Year 2019 Result

I encouraged Aliesha and Hadeef joined Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC). I want to give them exposure on problem solving and develop their interest in Math.

Based on Kangaroo Math website the result is categorized as below:

The allocation of percentage for participants in KMC is as follows:

Top 10% of participants from each category are the MEDALISTS.
From here, the top 1.3% will receive GOLD MEDAL, the next 3.3% will receive SILVER MEDAL and the remaining 5.4% will receive BRONZE MEDAL. Students wil also be awarded with certificates.
The next 40% of participants are the receivers of HONORABLE MENTION certificates.
The remaining 50% will receive the certificate of PARTICIPATION.
Grand Prix Award are rewarded to Gold Medalist students who scored the highest mark from each category.
Congratulations to all winners!

windmill genting highlands 6 pax 2 rooms with balcony

Lisha and Hadeef are both in Ecolier category.
Lisha managed to get Honorable Mention while Hadeef Certificate of Participation.

Full Results of KMC 2019

Palma Puteri Apartment Kota Damanasara Review

Completion Datefrom Y2001*
Launch Pricefrom RM80k*
Subsale PriceRM330k per unit
RM383 psqft
(median price as of Y2018)
Asking Rental Pricefrom RM900 - RM1,400 per month
Maintenance & Sinking FundRM55 per month
Assessment Rate (Cukai Pintu)RM129.60 x 2 = RM259.20 per year
Quit Rent (Cukai Petak)?
Fire InsuranceRM70 per year
Built Upfrom 850 sqft
Land TitleResidential
Tenure Expiry24/07/2106
Total Blocks4
Total Storey5
Total Units400
Parking per unitMin. 1
FacilitiesPlayground & multi purpose hall
palma puteri kota damansara
palma puteri kota damansara
palma puteri kota damansara
palma puteri kota damansara
palma puteri kota damansara
palma puteri kota damansara
palma puteri kota damansara
palma puteri kota damansara
palma puteri kota damansara blocks
palma puteri kota damansara blocks



Jalan Cecawi 6/6,
Section 6, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Google Map



palma puteri kota damansara sun direction
palma puteri kota damansara sun direction


palma puteri kota damansara
palma puteri kota damansara

Unit Layout

palma puteri kota damansara unit layout
palma puteri kota damansara unit layout


Asking Price vs Rental Analysis

As of July 2019, average asking price is RM285,000 and average asking rental is RM1,100. (Based on

If take loan of 30 years with 4.5% interest and 10% downpayment, loan installment is RM1,300.

So if buy this property it is negative cash flow of RM200 per month. If include maintenance cost, quit rent and cukai petak, the loss is much higher.

The purchased price for this property is RM240,000 to have break even vs asking rental (only includes loan installment cost).

Transacted Price

For Year 2018, the median transacted price is RM330,000.

palma puteri kota damansara transacted price Y2018
palma puteri kota damansara transacted price Y2018


Badminton Practice At SK Bukit Jelutong

Aliesha & Hadeef attended SK Bukit Jelutong badminton training. The external coach teaches them the right way to play badminton.

I recorded few techniques so I can watch back and ask my kids to repeat it when they play badminton at our neighbourhood in the evening.

The coach advised to watch Lee Chong Wei video to learn how professional player plays badminton.

Aliesha and Hadeef really enjoy playing badminton especially Hadeef keeps asking when he can play badminton in the evening.