IKEA Just Made My Day!

Before we purchased anything big, we will do our market survey and compare in term of;

  1. pricing,
  2. benefits,
  3. features of products
  4. the company and its representatives (hospitality and response time)

so that is, we decided to take up IKEA kitchen cabinet after touring few other companies selling its designs and cabinets.

From our rental property we choose IKEA cabinet and same to our own stay. My experience with IKEA so great that i am mostly satisfied with the ‘pick and choose’ concept. While the kitchen designer can easily design on spot of your desired cabinet.

Most important part is they offered me 25 years warranty. I bet if you purchased with other company within less than a 2 years sure got defect (my two other friends real experienced) and the saddest part is .. you are with you own trouble and the sales job are done. But not IKEA!

I installed my cabinet in year 2013

But somehow there was really small defect that made me come to them for a minor replacement (year 2016). I was informed that the model no more in selling list and the sizes are all different. After few times meet up the customer service representatives they really made my day. I managed to changed whole set without any hassle …cost and i later decide to extend my cabinet.

See from good service lead to another new sales and off course i did and will recommend to my friends. Adios!

changing process

walllaaa….. new cabinet!