How i make complaint on – SINKING hole, Pipe Burst/ leakage

This hole appeared after heavy rain, at same day also heard few places in Shah Alam having a flash flood. We noticed there was like a sinking whole at our outside entrance to the porch.

Worried if its going to get worse .. I contacted MBSA to make a complaint. Immediately after few hours came the MBSA Penguatkuasa to do inspection since that day ada cases of flash flood and some landslide – the emergency team terus datang, masa tu rasa macam … wahhhh… efficient nya MBSA. But only a while je.. since my case not serious they submitted my complaint to Jurutera kawasan to do further inspection. IMPORTANT NOTE here is once you made complaint make sure you;

1: Take the customer service person name.

2: request for a complaint number.

3: Never accept without any complaint number coz once you hung up the call .. bye bye … its like you are calling for the first time when you want to follow up.

4: Do your follow up call.. never wait. In my case I didn’t.  I just got mad to know that they closed case without even contacting me and reason being “there wasn’t any hole! … WTH!!!! (memang meletup lah terus buat new complaint .. mentioned segala nama and asked them not to give you new complaint number – refer old one or your make the complaint PUBLIC … sigh!)

5. Get the mobile number of the engineer and contractor.

6. Keep all the photos.

After 4 month baru dapat call dari MBSA contractor to telling me that they will repair soon- suspecting of drainage beam runtuh. Within a month baru la betul2 boleh datang repair. Haa..haaa … know what??? baru they all detected actually takde longkang pun bawah tu. They suspected its a pipe leakage / burst. Ohh.. why on earth need so much time to detect!!

Immediately I contacted SYABAS and logged my complaint… and SYABASSSSSS they did a great job. Their engineer came to inspect after 2 hours of my complaint. Then the contractor came later after 3 hours and they did the repairing job. Malam2 pun they did the efficient job… BRAVO!!


What i learnt here from SYABAS ;

  1. Leakage before water meter are responsibility of SYABAS.
  2. Leakage after water meter are responsibility of house owner.
  3. you can know if it leaks after meter coz your monthly billing will shoot up.
  4. You can easily log complaint through helpline number 15300

What i learnt from MBSA?? – haha… seperti Tips di atas.

My Advise: please exercise your right as the consumer! Jangan takut or malu because you pay for their service.