Funny: Chats with Deef

Conversations with my 6+ year olds son;

At the mall near the car showcase, and there was a few sales persons near us;

Son : Mama, i want to see inside of that car first…

Mom: Not now, i need to go to washroom.

Son : Oooo … u need go to wee wee or poo poo? (with loud voice)

Mom: hmmm … (while the sales persons cover their laugh)

in the toilet;

Son : i will wait outside near the door.

(while inside … my phone WA alert sound bells)

Son : Maaaa… why you play your iphone inside the toilet?

Mom : krikk …krikk….

3D2N at Genting Highlands

From 14 Jul 2017 to 16 Jul 2017

In no less than a week we went to Genting again…. reasons being;

  • shopping at Genting Premium Outlet (GPO)

We have  cash redemption amounting of RM1,500 to finish up within a day. So we decided to purchase clothing for kids, some long-sleeve sports wear for husband and one luggage bag for end year Japan trip (much love)


view very nice and we can shop tanpa beratur dalam panas terik and sejuk sikit.

  • to attend this “Durian Food Fiesta”

Am not a Durian lover so tak berapa nak heran sangat … makan seulas dua already enough for me but not le husband.. he can eat berulas2. so i keep reminding him control sikit makan sebab banyak kolestrol .. (always heard people said it) … hehe baru nak google .. rupanya macam bawah ni, but still cant overly consume coz high in calories… daaa…

kids not a durian lovers

they provide kids creative sections so kids are occupied with activities while parents enjoying foods and sales person do their ‘convincing’ part

  • explore the localities and surrounding of Goh Tong area
  • explore other properties nearby of our ‘Newly Purchase Property’ – expect completion year 2019.

  • experiencing Genting as part of the weekend gateway routine


  • experiencing available stayed-places and its facilities.

How to handle the fighting siblings (kids)

Today back kids from school husband told me to look at my daughter face. From that moment i knew sure someone scratched her. Then i called her up which she refuses.. i guess she knew what am going to asked.

Actually not in my mind to scold anyone ~ just want to understand what had happened. Said to myself that i need to just relax, understand the situation, make the kids think and be frank in what ever they want to say.

My dotter said that she didn’t want to discuss about it while i make my stand that it’s not her choice to not discuss bout it. Deep in our heart we knew that she didn’t want us to get angry or scold anyone , either her or the brother.

Called maid to come and explain what happened earlier off … “diaorang bergaduh cik … berguling-guling. Saya datang tengok budak berdua ni sudah bergaduh” – okay end of her part. While her explaining this both kids just stand still (kecut perut agaknya)

The sister is the secrecy type and at best will try to avoid the brothers from getting scolded (proud thing about her). These are the point that i convinced her on why we need to discuss;

  1. we need to understand what had happened between them both.
  2. by telling we wouldn’t be barking at the wrong side.
  3. whose wrong can be advise accordingly.
  4. they can learn from the mistake and to avoid from repeating.

Akhirnya, them both bercerita .. and small issue pun. Kakak tegur adik and pinched him because using the bad word, then brother cannot take it scratched the sister back .. then berguling- guling.

Our advice to them;

  1. if want to advise someone don’t used physical approach (cubit)  just say it nicely. People will take it, but once you hurting anyone you will actually pushing them away.
  2. respect the eldest.
  3. don’t hurt each other.
  4. to the maid .. please be alert to the kids.

and at the end … they say sorry .. hug and kiss each other.

Things run smoothly for us! .. wink wink (but need to remind kids from time to time)

Genting Highlands – weekend gateway!

Genting Highlands is one of the tourism products and attractions in Malaysia especially for the Malaysian and tourists from Singapore and other countries.

It is located in Bentong, Pahang ~ consider one of the nearest weekend gateway for KL and Selangor folks.

Attractions? (will only share places that i have been previously and still need to continue exploring)

Genting Theme Park (indoor and outdoor) – 1 day is not enough to explore all the games and rides. –RW Genting

Genting Highlands Premium Outlet – actually there are few other premium outlets existed before this one like Johor Premium Outlet (been here 2-3 times), Melaka Premium Outlet (been here once) and Mitsui Outlet in Sepang (never been). But the different between all this outlet is the climate aka temperature .. you don’t need to queue and tour around in a hot weather and it is hard to do shopping when you bringing kids and they will get cranky or moody if its hot. (shopping make easy).  –GHPO


to come here make sure no last minute booking.. sure full. One week booking before stay date also not recommended cos its fast selling and some sold out (left not much option). Here are the places that i have stayed before;

Awana Hotel, Genting  –Awana

Last time we stayed if not mistaken the Family Suite which have 1 room and 1 hall + 2 rooms at upper floor. Cozy place but since we book hotel only for sleep and most of the time we are enjoying the theme park.. so i can say oklaahhh…

Trouble is only check in time ~ took us like forever to settle. Should check in at 3.00 pm but delays up till 4++pm and it just ruined our scheduled… sigh!

Hotel Seri Malaysia, Genting — Seri Malaysia

Been here twice – first because all hotels up there fully book and second because we wanna recce that Goh Tong area. So i can say the room is so so .. i had problem where the plug point are limited to TV and mini-fridge. The only plug point that should reserve to guest for Phone charging are spoil. When give suggestions to the staff to provide us the extension plug pun tak boleh solve … sigh lagi!

Colmar Tropicale – –Colmar

Nice place and view.. but jauh sikit kalau intention nak naik Genting! Masa pergi it was so cold and foggy and best thing that i can remember was their porridge.. thumbs up! 1-2 days is enough to explore its surroundings.

Ok thats all!



What HARI RAYA means to me?

HARI RAYA are celebrated every 1st of Syawal and its mark as the end of the Islamic Holy month of Ramadhan where that is the period of sober repentance for Muslims, with approximately 30 days of dawn-to-dusk fasting.

Hari Raya to me?

  • Forgiving Time

It is the time when members of the families sit together and ask for forgiveness for all the wrong doings. It starts from the youngest till the eldest. We normally will shake and kiss hand… sometimes hug each other. There are no grudge against each other as we forgive and forgiven. For young kids they wouldn’t understand but they will just follow and from there they will learn of respecting each other especially the eldest.

  • Family Gathers

‘Balik Kampung’ ~ common tag for this festive. Peoples from south to north ~ west to east. The craziness is about travelling from 8 hours to 12 hours to get to the “Kampung” which in normal day only took 5-6 hours instead.

This year we are being wise by taking aeroplane rather than driving. But the saddest part is that i bought last minute flight ticket which cost us around RM1,900 to Kota Bharu (2 adults and 3 kids).

It is really a meaningful moments which every old parent will eagerly wait for their son/daughters, menantu’s and the cucu cicit balik. Biarlah bersempit asalkan semua balik. Sometimes diorang sanggup sacrifice their room just to make sure all the cucu selesa. Alhamdulillah we still lucky coz our mom’s house have 5 rooms with airconds… (not to forget before balik bagi cash for the electricity bills and other expenses so we dont burden them).

Lesson learnt ~ plan your journey in advance! never last minute flight purchase cost price will surely increase if you get it like 6 months or earliest before your travel date.

  • Zakat & Donations

We share our wealth/ excess with less fortunate people through zakat, cash donation or from serving our guest with delicious foods and dishes.

“Duit raya” are also one of ways which we put some cash in angpau. Angpau will be distributed to families, kids, peoples that we are visiting and also kids that are coming to our houses which sometimes we don’t even know who they are.

  • Learnt to be more patience

More for my kids ~ teaching them to puasa. Give some encouragement and motivations. For myself i have to keep in mind that not easily get angry with them.

  • Foods fiesta

waaaa… this food thingy jangan cakapla, memang heaven. Since i seldom balik Kelantan there’s a lot of dishes that im craving for. So we decided why not we just shared among the siblings and cater the food for the week. Our mom tak penat and we can spend our valuable time each other rather than stuck in a kitchen. So here are the foodies that gain me in few Kg’s… huhhhh…

Nasi dagang, Roti Jala & Kuzi
Nasi dagang, Roti Jala & Kuzi
BBQ time
BBQ time
mee kari umi
mee kari umi

This only part of the foods. The rest like soto ayam, satay, rendang, ketupat, nasi lemak, nasi hujan panas even my mom delicious mee goreng tak sempat nak ambil gambar.. so tak dapat post.

  • Holidays

We also used this time to spent time with families and let kids explore few places at their grandmother hometown..

wish you all Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin! 😉

Housing Loan Application Online

Recently, we booked one property for investment. As usual, after booking it is time for housing loan hunting. So I did apply online for below banks:-

1)Hong Leong Bank
2) Alliance Bank
3) Ambank
4) Bank Islam
5) Public Bank

Guess which bank did call me immediately?

The answer is Bank Islam.

Other banks till now no response from them, even after few working days.

Maybe those other banks already met their KPI, so they don’t care much about new sales leads.