How to handle the fighting siblings (kids)

Today back kids from school husband told me to look at my daughter face. From that moment i knew sure someone scratched her. Then i called her up which she refuses.. i guess she knew what am going to asked.

Actually not in my mind to scold anyone ~ just want to understand what had happened. Said to myself that i need to just relax, understand the situation, make the kids think and be frank in what ever they want to say.

My dotter said that she didn’t want to discuss about it while i make my stand that it’s not her choice to not discuss bout it. Deep in our heart we knew that she didn’t want us to get angry or scold anyone , either her or the brother.

Called maid to come and explain what happened earlier off … “diaorang bergaduh cik … berguling-guling. Saya datang tengok budak berdua ni sudah bergaduh” – okay end of her part. While her explaining this both kids just stand still (kecut perut agaknya)

The sister is the secrecy type and at best will try to avoid the brothers from getting scolded (proud thing about her). These are the point that i convinced her on why we need to discuss;

  1. we need to understand what had happened between them both.
  2. by telling we wouldn’t be barking at the wrong side.
  3. whose wrong can be advise accordingly.
  4. they can learn from the mistake and to avoid from repeating.

Akhirnya, them both bercerita .. and small issue pun. Kakak tegur adik and pinched him because using the bad word, then brother cannot take it scratched the sister back .. then berguling- guling.

Our advice to them;

  1. if want to advise someone don’t used physical approach (cubit) ┬ájust say it nicely. People will take it, but once you hurting anyone you will actually pushing them away.
  2. respect the eldest.
  3. don’t hurt each other.
  4. to the maid .. please be alert to the kids.

and at the end … they say sorry .. hug and kiss each other.

Things run smoothly for us! .. wink wink (but need to remind kids from time to time)

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