Dilemma on 2 different actions for Maid ‘Balik Kampung’ procedure.

If refer to my previous post, am still contemplating what step should i follow. Learnt from friends experiences but still undecided which should i proceed.

Buy return flight tickets only – not to bother other processes.

My concern there is chances for my helper to get in trouble when returning at Surabaya Airport since she wont be having latest ‘Kad Kartu Kerja’ 

indonesia kartu tenaga kerja luar negeri
indonesia kartu tenaga kerja luar negeri

This card can only get after having a proper contract with KBRI which she need to bring the employment contract to department of overseas employment in Indonesian for them to proceed with card printing.

I don’t want to take any risk of her unable to come back to work with us. It will cause us trouble – for her and my side too.

Proceed with Employment Contract documentations at Indonesian Embassy (KBRI)

Contacted MYEG to know minimum validity period of maid working permit to allow maid to come back working in Malaysia (without hassle), but MYEG unable to answer me and was told to contact Immigration for exact procedure.

They gave the 1MOCC number (03-8000 8000) but since forever can’t connect me to Putrajaya Immigration (Bahagian Pembantu Rumah Asing). I was given direct number to call at 03-8880 1463 or 03-8880 11468 but no one pick up the line. 

They advised me to personally go to immigration counter for clearer process and documentation. Immigration counter for Pembantu Rumah Asing only available in three locations; Putrajaya, Shah Alam and Jalan Duta (03-6205 7500 ext 1204/7479)

One day managed to chat with helpful 1MOCC officer on the procedure, she advises for me to proceed with employment contract at KBRI. Need to take 1 day on the process and next day for collection. It is faster compared to renew visa. So she shared the KBRI number (03-2116 4016 or 03-2116 4017) for me to ask further.

From KBRI update i need to do employment contract. Just bring the documentation and maid must follow together on that day. Procedure not much different from what i did back in 2013. https://www.awesomegrasp.com/process-for-indonesian-maid-balik-kampung/

Let my pass through and highlight if there is any changes.

As long im not troubling my helper to get back might as well i do the right way… wish me luck!

Process for Indonesian Maid ‘Balik Kampung’

This year 2019, maid did told us that she need to gather with her families which also working abroad since her mother not in good health condition. So she requested for 2 months leave.

Her last 1-month balik kampung trip was in year 2013. Process and procedure might change from back then. Am still yet to understand of latest processes but was told by maid that her friend which just return from ‘Balik Kampung’ didn’t went to embassy for that purposed. Employer just bought return flight tickets and that will do. She is now safely back in KL and working with same employer.

Because am not sure its the right way.. so my plan is to contact with Malaysia Imigresen and Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesiao (KBRI) to gather all latest info and update in blog soon when all clear out.

But here i need to share my previous processes only for reference in case the procedure all remain same;

  1. Make sure maid passport and permit still active from the date of departure and arrival (at least 3 or 6 months) – this might not be an exact info (duration expiry) but it is important requirement should comply.
  2. Book return flight tickets.
  3. Prepare a letter to allow maid going back hometown. “surat kebenaran pulang bercuti bagi pembantu rumah” – will attached sample soon. Other than tickets information letter must attached together with copy of Maid Permit and Passport.
  4. Maid must have an active insurance policy. I bought two policies; one from Malaysian Insurance Provider and the other they asked to purchased from Indonesian Insurance provider (Konsorsium Asuransi Proteksi TKI) where their office located just next to KBRI (Indonesian Embassy).
  5. Went to KBRI and filled up contract of employment form and submit together with below documents.
  6. Documents needed before can proceed with KBRI; 3 sets employment contract forms, 2 copies of employer ID, 2 copies of Malaysian Insurance, 2 copies of Indonesian Insurance Protection and 2 set of copies on passport, permit and address.
  7. Employer, Witness and Maid need to sign and attend some short interview session. Acceptance of Contract of Employment by KBRI – stamped document.
  8. This 3 employment contract for KBRI, Employer and Maid.
  9. Maid need to bring together all the documents when going home and make few copies. Then she brought her employment contract to Kartu Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (KTKLN) in Indonesia and been given a card (Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri or Overseas Workers ID Card).

Hope this time would be easier.

Getting Maid Insured (Protection Plan)

Nowadays having an insurance coverage really important due to rising cost of medical and hospitalisations.

People buy medical & hospitalisation or life insurance policy for themselves, parents and kids normally due to an awareness of getting self covered and protected financially in case anything happen to the bread winner of family members. It can at least help to ease burden in term of medical cost or upon death leaving your loved one with some money (settle your debts)

There are time also when we plan for overseas holiday trip we tend to forget that buying Travel Insurance is a must. There was a lot of cases and stories circulated in social media of other family suffering when their members fall sicked while overseas and cant afford to pay – reasons of high medical cost , high in currency exchange or different countries policy to bring back the deceased.

Same goes for the maid – employer, we need to get our maid insured so that can ease burden if anything happen. Off course no one want bad thing to happen .. 😉

For all this while, information or advertisement on Maid Insurance didn’t came across my eyeballs .. except one – RHB Maid Insurance.

So i bought this easy grab one policy.. seriously easy to apply. You can do it online or just purchase policy at any Pos Malaysia office.

RHB Maid Insurance Plan (PA)

Make sure bring a copy of proposer/ employer ID and Maid Passport to submit together with the application form. After make payment they will give you a policy cover note and within few days RHB will post to your house the printed policy. Easier as ever.

On the other, on PERKESO Maid Insurance … yet to get info for that .. :0

Here sample of application form obtain from call center

Pending Maid iKad – MYEG Renewal

In my case it is a bit prolonged to get iKad. During my collection of permit sticker none of the MYEG rep told me about the iKad. Only on my way home I realised that I should have it and give them a call.

Immediately I contacted MYEG call centre and was informed that due to delay printing by PNB they have to release the permit first and I have to follow up with PNB on the card issuance.

I tried to call few given numbers from fixed line to handphone number but no one pick up.

Clarify with MYEG that the card issuance not for free and I was charged when I applied for the processes initially.

Decided to also emailed PNB at inquiries@printnasional.com.my to get them revert on the status. Their feedback;

ikad delay - Maid permit
ikad delay – Maid permit

My case – my permit sticker was released between (1 Aug 2018 – 24 September 2018) and for all releases within this period are affected due to card run out of stock.

Expected by October they will courier following to the permit addressed.

ikad release date