Process for Indonesian Maid ‘Balik Kampung’

This year 2019, maid did told us that she need to gather with her families which also working abroad since her mother not in good health condition. So she requested for 2 months leave.

Her last 1-month balik kampung trip was in year 2013. Process and procedure might change from back then. Am still yet to understand of latest processes but was told by maid that her friend which just return from ‘Balik Kampung’ didn’t went to embassy for that purposed. Employer just bought return flight tickets and that will do. She is now safely back in KL and working with same employer.

Because am not sure its the right way.. so my plan is to contact with Malaysia Imigresen and Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesiao (KBRI) to gather all latest info and update in blog soon when all clear out.

But here i need to share my previous processes only for reference in case the procedure all remain same;

  1. Make sure maid passport and permit still active from the date of departure and arrival (at least 3 or 6 months) – this might not be an exact info (duration expiry) but it is important requirement should comply.
  2. Book return flight tickets.
  3. Prepare a letter to allow maid going back hometown. “surat kebenaran pulang bercuti bagi pembantu rumah” – will attached sample soon. Other than tickets information letter must attached together with copy of Maid Permit and Passport.
  4. Maid must have an active insurance policy. I bought two policies; one from Malaysian Insurance Provider and the other they asked to purchased from Indonesian Insurance provider (Konsorsium Asuransi Proteksi TKI) where their office located just next to KBRI (Indonesian Embassy).
  5. Went to KBRI and filled up contract of employment form and submit together with below documents.
  6. Documents needed before can proceed with KBRI; 3 sets employment contract forms, 2 copies of employer ID, 2 copies of Malaysian Insurance, 2 copies of Indonesian Insurance Protection and 2 set of copies on passport, permit and address.
  7. Employer, Witness and Maid need to sign and attend some short interview session. Acceptance of Contract of Employment by KBRI – stamped document.
  8. This 3 employment contract for KBRI, Employer and Maid.
  9. Maid need to bring together all the documents when going home and make few copies. Then she brought her employment contract to Kartu Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (KTKLN) in Indonesia and been given a card (Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri or Overseas Workers ID Card).

Hope this time would be easier.

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