Steps for Maid Permit Renewal

This year our maid going to enter her 9th years working as a maid for us. Having her really helps our daily life. Our main concern are mainly to have someone trusted to take care of our children while we working.

We came to know that in 2018 government released new rules ~ which every odd year maid permit renewal need to do health check through Fomema. Then can proceed with permit renewal. We just knew of that rules like less than 2 months from expiry … agak panic and kelam kabut dibuatnya especially me… the wife.

fomema rules

I read lots of negative comments in fomema fb for period of Jan – Mar of year 2018. Complaints on the systems, response time and pending password. I decided to asked within my kids – parents Whatsapp group for any of other mommies experience to share. To my surprise feedback is good and some of them just knew of that rules – (credit to me for the announcements)

Step 1

  • Registered online for Fomema at
  • Make sure passport expiry must exceed than next renewal permit expiry date (if not you need to renew passport first before can proceed with immigration)
  • Validity for Fomema results is within 30 days for you to proceed with immigration within the validity period.
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Step 2

  • after registered i immediately received email for registration ID to proceed with registration.
  • We need to put details of maid and employer as per passport details.
  • Choose panel clinic neared to you.
  • Made payment online via FPX totaling of RM191.00 to Fomema Sdn Bhd.
  • Print check up slip (consists of slip for clinics, lab, xray and employer)

Step 3

  • Bring maid to panel clinics registered together with passport and fomema slip.
  • clinic staff informed results will come out within 3-10 working days.
  • my case Day 5 ~ fomema results released – Suitable, please proceed to immigration.

Step 4

  1. register myeg  at
  2. Been using their services for past years especially for road tax and maid permit renewal.
  3. make online payment amounting RM610 (inclusive of pass charge, visa charge, levy charge and process charge).
  4. as informed by MYEG staffs – their process will take around 2 weeks and i can choose:
  • collect at MYEG delivery services (‘named’ employer or representative with letter authorization and passport) – cause they need employer thumb print upon rendering the permit sticker.
  • delivery guy to send directly to ‘named’ employer door steps.

That’s all. Good luck guys .. mommies… bibik.

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