Collection of Maid Permit from MYEG

It took me almost a month after submission of Permit Renewal application via MYEG to get the permit sticker.

Luckily all settled before her permit expiry. Now only pending to get ikad which i need to follow up with PNB (National Printing) folks.

During application i need to choose either

  1. MYEG will physically send permit to employer or;
  2. self collect at delivery center @ IBM Tower, Bandar Utama
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I chose #2 and since am not the named employer i need to be ready with all the documents as per below;

  1. Employer ID copy
  2. Maid original passport
  3. MYEG original payment receipt (just print after make transaction online)
  4. Letter of authorization from employer to the collector
  5. collector original ID

Sample letter of authorization /Surat Wakil kuasa

collect maid permit by other party

Note :

  1. to get all those info i contacted MYEG customer service line and gather info through FB chat with Friends of MYEG.
  2. Maid passport expiry must no less than 90 days of the permit expiry.
  3. after renewal of Passport – must update through immigration system so next time can used MYEG for renewal.


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