Condominium Buying Criteria For Airbnb

I have one Airbnb unit at Genting Highlands. I did my analysis before investing in that area.

Criteria to Consider Before Buying a Condominium for Airbnb

1) Potentials visitors to the particular area

Check the number of visitors to the area. For Genting Highlands, the number of visitors is easy to get. If you search on the internet you can find it is around 22 millions visitors per year.

2) Current offerings

Check whether the current hotels or Airbnb capacity. If more than enough, than you should reconsider your investment.

If you can get the numbers of rooms within the area will give you better accurate analysis.

In my case, during my analysis the hotel capacity never enough at Genting Highlands especially during peak season.

3) Local law on Airbnb

Check whether local law allows any Airbnb. Recently Penang state government bans Airbnb in the state.

4) Joint Management Body (JMB) supports of Airbnb

Check whether the JMB is supportive or no any Airbnb unit in the condominium. If most of the residents of the condo lives in the units, you will face challenges doing Airbnb in the condominium.

In my case, most of the buyers plan for investment so the JMB will be supportive of Airbnb  visitors to the condo.

5) Amenities

Check the amenities provided by the condominium. Put yourself whether you would like to have the amenities if you are a guest to the condominium.

Besides, check your competitors amenities as well example they have heated swimming pool or no (which is a must in Genting Highlands)

If you like it, then it is a good buy.

6) Number of lifts

During check out, the waiting time will be terrible if the number of lifts are not enough to cater for the visitors traffic.

Most of condominium in Genting Highlands, visitors have to wait more than 30 minutes during check out time.

7) Future competition

Check any future development within the area, new condominium will be your future competitions and will reduce further your unit occupancy.

In Genting Highlands, there are so many condominium under development that I’m afraid will impact on my profitability.

Airbnb List of Items to Maintain Regularly

I have an Airbnb unit in Genting Highlands. Cleanliness is most important thing to ensure you have good rating.

Besides cleaning up the unit every time a guest checks out. Below are items that need to be maintain regularly or do deep cleaning.

1AircondEverytime dust is in the aircond grille
2Lanyard for the passcardEvery 3 monthsSoak it in soap water for 1 night then wash
3Floor matEvery 3 monthsSoak it in soap water for 2 nights then wash
4Ceiling fanEvery time has visible dust
5Dust on any items in the unit
Every 2 months
6Replace TV & aircond remote battery
Every 2 monthsUse battery tester. I use Panasonic Evolta battery as it last 2 times longer than Energizer
7Floor trapEvery 2 months
8Deep cleaning toilet bowlEvery 2 months
9Fill up the liquid soap, shampoo and washing powder
Every time is half full
10Vacuum carpet and under itEvery 2 months
11Clean under sofa and bed
Every 2 months
12Lubricate door & windowsEvery 6 monthsUse WD40
13Glossy the mirrorEvery 2 monthsUse kleenex
14Glossy water faucet and shower faucet
Every 4 monthsUse metal polish
15Clean toothbrush holderEvery 2 months
16Add trash plasticsEvery time half is used
battery tester
battery tester
battery box
battery box
toolbox for items
toolbox for items

Airbnb Malaysia Payment Not Received

We have an Airbnb listing at Genting Permai. All the while we receive Airbnb payments without any problems.

Unfortunately we don’t receive one of payments amounted to around RM300. We received an email from Airbnb saying that the payment will be in by latest 13th June 2022.

Payment Method

For Airbnb payment method, we use bank transfer. You just need to fill in your correct SWIFT code. You can get your SWIFT code from your bank.


airbnb malaysia bank transfer payment method
airbnb malaysia bank transfer payment method

Where to Get Airbnb Online Support

At footer of Airbnb website, click the link of “Help Centre”.

At the support page, you can see “Contact Us” to contact Airbnb online support.

airbnb support - click the link
airbnb support – click the link
airbnb superhost online support
airbnb superhost online support

Airbnb Online Support

After contacting Airbnb support, immediately we received phone call from Airbnb.

I think Airbnb gives priority support to superhost like us.

airbnb online support
airbnb online support
airbnb fast call from support 14 jun 2022
airbnb fast call from support 14 jun 2022

According to Airbnb, they already transferred the money to our bank account. We should check with our bank whether the fund is floating.

When we contacted our bank, according to them there is not floating fund to our account.

The bank asked us to get ARN number from Airbnb to confirm that they did transfer the money.

An acquirer reference number, or ARN, is a unique number created in credit or debit card transactions when it transfers from the merchant’s bank through the payment processor, and to the card holder’s bank. 

These unique digits make your transaction traceable so if an error occurs with the bank or merchant accounts, the information can be found. 

Payment Received

After we informed Airbnb to give us the ARN number. The support agent forwarded our request to another Airbnb agent who was specialist in money transfer problem.

airbnb payment not received - tracing payment transaction
airbnb payment not received – tracing payment transaction

After the tracing was done, we received the payment within 5 hours.


AirBnb Superhost Reward

We have Airbnb listing at Genting Highlands. We have been Superhost for the past 4 reviews. To our surprise, on the 4th review, we received our reward of USD100 or roughly equivalent to RM400++.

This is a good reward as it is not easy to be Superhost as you need to ensure that your unit is tip top condition and have good communication with your guests.

Hope we can get Superhost status again for the next review.