3D2N at Genting Highlands

From 14 Jul 2017 to 16 Jul 2017

In no less than a week we went to Genting again…. reasons being;

  • shopping at Genting Premium Outlet (GPO)

We have  cash redemption amounting of RM1,500 to finish up within a day. So we decided to purchase clothing for kids, some long-sleeve sports wear for husband and one luggage bag for end year Japan trip (much love)


view very nice and we can shop tanpa beratur dalam panas terik and sejuk sikit.

  • to attend this “Durian Food Fiesta”

Am not a Durian lover so tak berapa nak heran sangat … makan seulas dua already enough for me but not le husband.. he can eat berulas2. so i keep reminding him control sikit makan sebab banyak kolestrol .. (always heard people said it) … hehe baru nak google .. rupanya macam bawah ni, but still cant overly consume coz high in calories… daaa…

kids not a durian lovers

they provide kids creative sections so kids are occupied with activities while parents enjoying foods and sales person do their ‘convincing’ part

  • explore the localities and surrounding of Goh Tong area
  • explore other properties nearby of our ‘Newly Purchase Property’ – expect completion year 2019.

  • experiencing Genting as part of the weekend gateway routine


  • experiencing available stayed-places and its facilities.

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