What HARI RAYA means to me?

HARI RAYA are celebrated every 1st of Syawal and its mark as the end of the Islamic Holy month of Ramadhan where that is the period of sober repentance for Muslims, with approximately 30 days of dawn-to-dusk fasting.

Hari Raya to me?

  • Forgiving Time

It is the time when members of the families sit together and ask for forgiveness for all the wrong doings. It starts from the youngest till the eldest. We normally will shake and kiss hand… sometimes hug each other. There are no grudge against each other as we forgive and forgiven. For young kids they wouldn’t understand but they will just follow and from there they will learn of respecting each other especially the eldest.

  • Family Gathers

‘Balik Kampung’ ~ common tag for this festive. Peoples from south to north ~ west to east. The craziness is about travelling from 8 hours to 12 hours to get to the “Kampung” which in normal day only took 5-6 hours instead.

This year we are being wise by taking aeroplane rather than driving. But the saddest part is that i bought last minute flight ticket which cost us around RM1,900 to Kota Bharu (2 adults and 3 kids).

It is really a meaningful moments which every old parent will eagerly wait for their son/daughters, menantu’s and the cucu cicit balik. Biarlah bersempit asalkan semua balik. Sometimes diorang sanggup sacrifice their room just to make sure all the cucu selesa. Alhamdulillah we still lucky coz our mom’s house have 5 rooms with airconds… (not to forget before balik bagi cash for the electricity bills and other expenses so we dont burden them).

Lesson learnt ~ plan your journey in advance! never last minute flight purchase cost price will surely increase if you get it like 6 months or earliest before your travel date.

  • Zakat & Donations

We share our wealth/ excess with less fortunate people through zakat, cash donation or from serving our guest with delicious foods and dishes.

“Duit raya” are also one of ways which we put some cash in angpau. Angpau will be distributed to families, kids, peoples that we are visiting and also kids that are coming to our houses which sometimes we don’t even know who they are.

  • Learnt to be more patience

More for my kids ~ teaching them to puasa. Give some encouragement and motivations. For myself i have to keep in mind that not easily get angry with them.

  • Foods fiesta

waaaa… this food thingy jangan cakapla, memang heaven. Since i seldom balik Kelantan there’s a lot of dishes that im craving for. So we decided why not we just shared among the siblings and cater the food for the week. Our mom tak penat and we can spend our valuable time each other rather than stuck in a kitchen. So here are the foodies that gain me in few Kg’s… huhhhh…

Nasi dagang, Roti Jala & Kuzi
Nasi dagang, Roti Jala & Kuzi
BBQ time
BBQ time
mee kari umi
mee kari umi

This only part of the foods. The rest like soto ayam, satay, rendang, ketupat, nasi lemak, nasi hujan panas even my mom delicious mee goreng tak sempat nak ambil gambar.. so tak dapat post.

  • Holidays

We also used this time to spent time with families and let kids explore few places at their grandmother hometown..

wish you all Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin! 😉

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