Built Tower with Popsicle Sticks

Triangle is the strongest shape a structure can have to build a bridge. It is the strongest shape because any added force is evenly spread through all three sides.

Squares or cubes also can be strengthened by adding a diagonal pieces across the middle making it two triangles linked together. Here then i thought kids on a simple illustration activities of the strongest shape and show them.

Then to make it more interesting, we make a build game contest to compete whose tower the strongest.

To construct the towers, we used colourful popsicle sticks which you can buy at Mr DIY and use cellophane tape to sticks them together. We avoid using glue because it would be messy and more time needed to let it dry.

The strongest tower could withstand more books and should be the winner.

After completion, we tested the robustness of each tower by putting slowly books on top of it.

The strongest towers as follows:

  1. Mom + hadien
  2. Hadeef
  3. Aliesha

Way to improve my kids BM writing skills plus increasing knowledge.

Last year (2018) school holiday, I asked my both kids to read Bahasa Malaysia books on Islamic historical due to this main reasons;

  1. to improve Bahasa Malaysia vocabulary and;
  2. learn writing essay in Bahasa Malaysia the right way

At first kids didn’t show any interest and reluctant to read it. I still encourage them to read by making sure at first they summarise to me pages they read. But after few times reading it, they become excited to read more other books – related to Islamic heroes.

Lucky i have those collection at home so they can picked from there.

Then from there I proceed for them to summarise whatever they have read at Google Sheet created and shared to me for easy review. Hope this is some of encouragement and support system for them to improve their BM vocab whilst learning the good values in Islam.

Below are the list of the books.

At Last, both Deef & Lish Can Ride 2 Wheels Bicycle

I am happy on 18/11/2018, both my kids Deef & Lish can ride 2 wheel bicycle.

Deef persistent by keep trying, less talking and focus on learning making him able to cycle 2 wheels quite fast. Within 2-3 weeks, he was able to ride on 2 wheels.

Lish talked more than trying to ride and overthink made her learning longer than Deef. When she saw Deef successfully rides 2 wheels she started to focus and trying more.

Lish never give up attitude even after suffered few bruises made her success more sweet.



Continuous Practice on Hands Stand


Consistency and determination towards something you want to achieved can always help you build path to success.

Since my daughter yet to master her hands stand. She will make sure to do lots of practicing. She is aware that she still unable to do hands stand and that’s why she wants to practice.

But for safety and encouragement we will make sure allocate some time to be at her side. Hope one day she can master the skill.

Kids Two-Wheels Bicycle Practice

Today is public holiday thanks to Diwali! So I spent time with my kids and let them learn by themselves riding bicycle with 2 wheels. No more support wheels!

Deef with few tries managed to ride 2 wheels.

Lisha fall down and cried. She went inside the house. I thought she gave up. After few minutes, she came out and tried again. I respect her attitude for not giving up.

When Hadeef saw Lisha crying, he said his remarkable words. “Cry won’t solve your problem”.

After they finished practicing, Lisha showed her bruise on her knee.

lisha bruise on her knee
lisha bruise on her knee

Kids Act of Loved to Appreciate by Parents

Act 1 by Son (age 8)

After finished eating dinner, I was putting my plate to the sink.
Seeing that Deef then switched off the dining light because he knew that I don’t like to waste electricity.
I was moved because no need to tell him to assist me.

Me: Thanks Deef for switching off the light.
Deef: Your welcome papa.

Act 2 by Daughter (age 9)

While working at my room and the fan was off.

Liesha:  Papa, u don’t feel hot inside?
Me: Yes
Liesha: Papa, u don’t feel hot?
Me: mmhhhmmm.

Then she switched on the fan.
Me: Thanks Kakak.
Liesha: Your welcome.


  1. Don’t waste
  2. Offer helps without asking.

Consideration for Kids Pre School / Kindergarten / Early Education

Every parents will definitely choose the best place for their kids to learn. My experienced in 2014 enrolling my daughter was really challenging. First timer lots of screening to do, now i just continue that made up decision for my youngest which will go for a pre school at age of 5 by 2019.

When is the right time to send them?

I have a maid so it is not an issue for me to enrol them earlier or later. I decided to let my kids enjoy their kids time at home and play with other sibling. By age 5, all have to start going for pre school and have a ‘Fun Learning while making friends.

My main criteria in choosing which kindergarten to send them are basically as per below;

Safer Surrounding

We did few survey and its a NO.. NO to shop-lot premises. Our concern is more of their safety. In case of emergency they have to run down the stairs which are narrow and there is a danger of falling when too many kids – possible of pushing each other.

Since we are hiring transporter – if its a shop it will be a common area and risk of accident are at chance.

So we decided to choose kindergarten which having its own compound with strict safety rules and regulations apply to parent and transporter. Security guard also is a must.

2 bedrooms with balcony windmill genting highlands

Friendlier Teacher

Teacher must be friendlier to kids and have skills to approach them. This will consider as introduction for kids being away from their parents, home and routine. If the teacher are convincing enough life will be easier for mommy and daddy … hehe!

Am satisfied with real kids because we are able to communicate with teacher and they do update on my kids progress. They also heard our feedback and take actions through out our complaints.

Fun Syllabus and Activities

Check on syllabus and activities they are offering and you decide from there. Some offers other than main subject (English, Bahasa, Maths, Mandarin) like swimming, musics, art, computer, agama and others.

Kids are also given an opportunity to expose themselves from activities like drama, joining for concert and public speaking.

Medium of communication – must be English. We observed our eldest kids, they are fluent and confident to communicate in English. So when they went for Kebangsaan School, they just need to divert to BM communicative. Some of their friend aren’t confidence in communicating English. While the school environment itself not encouraging for kids to use English other that during English syllabus. It’s a stepping stone for them being at English medium pre schoolers.


Other than location which are nearer to our house. The school space should be spacious and convenience for kids to play and running around.

Education Fees 

This I put last because it will depends on everyone’s budget. Some would save more and spent at other things but some willing to pay high for a certain education preference and conveniency.

Normally the cost will consists of security deposits, advance 2 moths fees, supplementary fees, materials fees and uniforms.

Realkids 2019 Fee Structure

Occupying Kids at Their Best Interest

We started sending our kids to pre school starting age of 5 years. Selection of school are based on syllabus or activities which are balance between education, social skills and creativity development.

Since they went for kindy for 5 days a week, normally we will sent them to a play area during weekend and swimming class. (more to surviving skills)

At age 6-7, we sent both to music classes, which enrolled our daughter for Electone class while son went for drum class.

Our daughter only last for 1 year half and decided not to pursue anymore. As we observed that she likes to climb and jumping then we sent her for a gymnastic class. Seems that she is happy jumping, cartwheel, forward roll, front flips …  we let her continue doing;

And the brother still drumming…

Here some of the shots;