Pending Maid iKad – MYEG Renewal

In my case it is a bit prolonged to get iKad. During my collection of permit sticker none of the MYEG rep told me about the iKad. Only on my way home I realised that I should have it and give them a call.

Immediately I contacted MYEG call centre and was informed that due to delay printing by PNB they have to release the permit first and I have to follow up with PNB on the card issuance.

I tried to call few given numbers from fixed line to handphone number but no one pick up.

Clarify with MYEG that the card issuance not for free and I was charged when I applied for the processes initially.

Decided to also emailed PNB at to get them revert on the status. Their feedback;

ikad delay - Maid permit
ikad delay – Maid permit

My case – my permit sticker was released between (1 Aug 2018 – 24 September 2018) and for all releases within this period are affected due to card run out of stock.

Expected by October they will courier following to the permit addressed.

ikad release date

Kitchen Gas Stove Time For Service

Last week, we had to service our kitchen gas stove caused it was hard to ignite the fire. I never serviced my kitchen stove for the last 5 years.

How do you know when it is time to service your gas stove?

When you try to ignite, it is hard to get the fire as in video below.

When you get the fire, the fire is immediately switch off after you take your hand off from the igniter.

How to service it?

At first, I tried to do it myself to clean and service my gas stove. I read the internet on how it should be done. I tried to take out the fire burner but I couldnt remove it. Afraid that I might break my kitchen gas stove so I decided to call in professional repairman.

Hire professional to service my kitchen gas stove

I called few professional repairmen. Of course as usual, I tried to get the cheapest one. I got one repairman that would service my kitchen gas stove for RM80 – RM130 only. I set appointment, unfortunately the appointment was postponed few times.

I got fed up then I got one repairman who charged higher price (RM160), after calling he immediately set appointment and kept his promise to come to my house.

How the professional service it?

First he unplugged the gas hose from the gas stove and switched on the kitchen gas stove to burn all remaining gas inside the gas stove.

Then, he removed the fire burner by using a special hammer. He did it cautiously not to break the gas stove.

used special hammer to take out sticky fire burner from the stove
used special hammer to take out sticky fire burner from the stove

After removing the fire burner, he unclogged the burners using a metal brush. Then the repairman used high pressure air to remove the hard debris inside the fire burner.
He cleaned it using soap, wiped it with cloth and let it dried.

He then scrubbed the stovetop using metal brush and some soap. He used cloth to dry the stovecop.
Afterwards he used vacuum cleaner to clean any debris around the stovetop and holes in the stovetop.

vacuum the stovetop to take out all debris
vacuum the stovetop to take out all debris


vacuum the stovetop hole to take out debris inside the stove
vacuum the stovetop hole to take out debris inside the stove

After cleaning up the fire burners and stovetop, he adjusted the fire using levers under the kitchen stove.

after cleaning, adjusted the fire using levers under the kitchen stove
after cleaning, adjusted the fire using levers under the kitchen stove

Finally, he spray painted my stovetop to grey and it looks like new stove!

The service took around 1 hour to complete.

My opinion on the kitchen gas stove repairman.

I highly recommended this guy as he is really professional keeping up to his promise and he knows his trade very well.

Kitchen Hob Serviceman
017 373 6210

Collection of Maid Permit from MYEG

It took me almost a month after submission of Permit Renewal application via MYEG to get the permit sticker.

Luckily all settled before her permit expiry. Now only pending to get ikad which i need to follow up with PNB (National Printing) folks.

During application i need to choose either

  1. MYEG will physically send permit to employer or;
  2. self collect at delivery center @ IBM Tower, Bandar Utama
windmill genting highlands 6 pax 2 rooms with balcony
Advertisement ~ Windmill Upon Hills Genting Highlands ~ 6 pax ~ 2 rooms with balcony

I chose #2 and since am not the named employer i need to be ready with all the documents as per below;

  1. Employer ID copy
  2. Maid original passport
  3. MYEG original payment receipt (just print after make transaction online)
  4. Letter of authorization from employer to the collector
  5. collector original ID

Sample letter of authorization /Surat Wakil kuasa

collect maid permit by other party

Note :

  1. to get all those info i contacted MYEG customer service line and gather info through FB chat with Friends of MYEG.
  2. Maid passport expiry must no less than 90 days of the permit expiry.
  3. after renewal of Passport – must update through immigration system so next time can used MYEG for renewal.


Refer to my previous post Steps for Maid Permit Renewal

Steps for Maid Permit Renewal

This year our maid going to enter her 9th years working as a maid for us. Having her really helps our daily life. Our main concern are mainly to have someone trusted to take care of our children while we working.

We came to know that in 2018 government released new rules ~ which every odd year maid permit renewal need to do health check through Fomema. Then can proceed with permit renewal. We just knew of that rules like less than 2 months from expiry … agak panic and kelam kabut dibuatnya especially me… the wife.

fomema rules

I read lots of negative comments in fomema fb for period of Jan – Mar of year 2018. Complaints on the systems, response time and pending password. I decided to asked within my kids – parents Whatsapp group for any of other mommies experience to share. To my surprise feedback is good and some of them just knew of that rules – (credit to me for the announcements)

Step 1

  • Registered online for Fomema at
  • Make sure passport expiry must exceed than next renewal permit expiry date (if not you need to renew passport first before can proceed with immigration)
  • Validity for Fomema results is within 30 days for you to proceed with immigration within the validity period.
2 bedrooms with balcony windmill genting highlands

Step 2

  • after registered i immediately received email for registration ID to proceed with registration.
  • We need to put details of maid and employer as per passport details.
  • Choose panel clinic neared to you.
  • Made payment online via FPX totaling of RM191.00 to Fomema Sdn Bhd.
  • Print check up slip (consists of slip for clinics, lab, xray and employer)

Step 3

  • Bring maid to panel clinics registered together with passport and fomema slip.
  • clinic staff informed results will come out within 3-10 working days.
  • my case Day 5 ~ fomema results released – Suitable, please proceed to immigration.

Step 4

  1. register myeg  at
  2. Been using their services for past years especially for road tax and maid permit renewal.
  3. make online payment amounting RM610 (inclusive of pass charge, visa charge, levy charge and process charge).
  4. as informed by MYEG staffs – their process will take around 2 weeks and i can choose:
  • collect at MYEG delivery services (‘named’ employer or representative with letter authorization and passport) – cause they need employer thumb print upon rendering the permit sticker.
  • delivery guy to send directly to ‘named’ employer door steps.

That’s all. Good luck guys .. mommies… bibik.

IKEA Just Made My Day!

Before we purchased anything big, we will do our market survey and compare in term of;

  1. pricing,
  2. benefits,
  3. features of products
  4. the company and its representatives (hospitality and response time)

so that is, we decided to take up IKEA kitchen cabinet after touring few other companies selling its designs and cabinets.

From our rental property we choose IKEA cabinet and same to our own stay. My experience with IKEA so great that i am mostly satisfied with the ‘pick and choose’ concept. While the kitchen designer can easily design on spot of your desired cabinet.

Most important part is they offered me 25 years warranty. I bet if you purchased with other company within less than a 2 years sure got defect (my two other friends real experienced) and the saddest part is .. you are with you own trouble and the sales job are done. But not IKEA!

I installed my cabinet in year 2013

But somehow there was really small defect that made me come to them for a minor replacement (year 2016). I was informed that the model no more in selling list and the sizes are all different. After few times meet up the customer service representatives they really made my day. I managed to changed whole set without any hassle …cost and i later decide to extend my cabinet.

See from good service lead to another new sales and off course i did and will recommend to my friends. Adios!

changing process

walllaaa….. new cabinet!



How i make complaint on – SINKING hole, Pipe Burst/ leakage

This hole appeared after heavy rain, at same day also heard few places in Shah Alam having a flash flood. We noticed there was like a sinking whole at our outside entrance to the porch.

Worried if its going to get worse .. i contacted MBSA to make a complaint. Immediately after few hours came the MBSA Penguatkuasa to do inspection since that day ada cases of flash flood and some landslide – the emergency team terus datang, masa tu rasa macam … wahhhh… efficient nya MBSA. But only a while je.. since my case not serious they submitted my complaint to Jurutera kawasan to do further inspection. IMPORTANT NOTE here is once you made complaint make sure you;

1: Take the customer service person name.

2: request for a complaint number.

3: Never accept without any complaint number coz once you hung up the call .. bye bye … its like you are calling for the first time when you want to follow up.

4: Do your follow up call.. never wait. In my case i didn’t.  I just got mad to know that they closed case without even contacting me and reason being “there wasn’t any hole! … WTH!!!! (memang meletup lah terus buat new complaint .. mentioned segala nama and asked them not to give you new complaint number – refer old one or your make the complaint PUBLIC … sigh!)

5. Get the mobile number of the engineer and contractor.

6. Keep all the photos.

After 4 month baru dapat call dari MBSA contractor to telling me that they will repair soon- suspecting of drainage beam runtuh. Within a month baru la betul2 boleh dtg repair. Haa..haaa … know what??? baru they all detected actually takde longkang pun bawah tu. They suspected its a pipe leakage / burst. Ohh.. why on earth need so much time to detect!!

Immediately i contacted SYABAS and logged my complaint… and SYABASSSSSS they did a great job. Their engineer came to inspect after 2 hours of my complaint. Then the contractor came later after 3 hours and they did the repairing job. Malam2 pun they did the efficient job… BRAVO!!


What i learnt here from SYABAS ;

  1. Leakage before water meter are responsibility of SYABAS.
  2. Leakage after water meter are responsibility of house owner.
  3. you can know if it leaks after meter coz your monthly billing will shoot up.
  4. You can easily log complaint through helpline number 15300

What i learnt from MBSA?? – haha… seperti Tips di atas.

My Advise: please exercise your right as the consumer! Jangan takut or malu because you pay for their service.




How to handle the fighting siblings (kids)

Today back kids from school husband told me to look at my daughter face. From that moment i knew sure someone scratched her. Then i called her up which she refuses.. i guess she knew what am going to asked.

Actually not in my mind to scold anyone ~ just want to understand what had happened. Said to myself that i need to just relax, understand the situation, make the kids think and be frank in what ever they want to say.

My dotter said that she didn’t want to discuss about it while i make my stand that it’s not her choice to not discuss bout it. Deep in our heart we knew that she didn’t want us to get angry or scold anyone , either her or the brother.

Called maid to come and explain what happened earlier off … “diaorang bergaduh cik … berguling-guling. Saya datang tengok budak berdua ni sudah bergaduh” – okay end of her part. While her explaining this both kids just stand still (kecut perut agaknya)

The sister is the secrecy type and at best will try to avoid the brothers from getting scolded (proud thing about her). These are the point that i convinced her on why we need to discuss;

  1. we need to understand what had happened between them both.
  2. by telling we wouldn’t be barking at the wrong side.
  3. whose wrong can be advise accordingly.
  4. they can learn from the mistake and to avoid from repeating.

Akhirnya, them both bercerita .. and small issue pun. Kakak tegur adik and pinched him because using the bad word, then brother cannot take it scratched the sister back .. then berguling- guling.

Our advice to them;

  1. if want to advise someone don’t used physical approach (cubit)  just say it nicely. People will take it, but once you hurting anyone you will actually pushing them away.
  2. respect the eldest.
  3. don’t hurt each other.
  4. to the maid .. please be alert to the kids.

and at the end … they say sorry .. hug and kiss each other.

Things run smoothly for us! .. wink wink (but need to remind kids from time to time)

How To Handle STRESS / Problems

STRESS may vary depending on how people handle and takes certain things into their perspective or personal and emotional way. I bet everyone when they are stuck into something they will start getting stress and freak out.

I find few ways to avoid my stress… be at work or personal matters. Here are some of my ways;

  4. TALK WITH SOMEONE / Go Hug and Kiss Your Loved ones

Draft out possible causes, solutions and potential outcome

Normally when you have problems it will make you think  and worrying too much… unorganised thoughts will lead to exhaustion and wasting time.

You should >>> write down;

“what are the problems?” , what does this problem can lead you to? (or is it you worrying too much), what is your option to solve this?, what this options can lead to? … and then make your choice.. what else can you do? its better plan than stressing and do nothing.

  1. Think of happy moments, places or persons

i would do most, just close my eyes… free my mind and dig deep into my memory of campus view facing the mountains.. and ohh.. its just soothing.

sometimes you just need a hug.. no need to tell the problem and you can just released it by spending time like shopping or holiday together with your loved one.

Pray to God

Not only when you are praying.. make it a habit everyday you pray … say it deep into your heart what you are wish for,  be it when your driving to work.. back from work … before sleep..  Allah SWT will always hear you.

Talk with someone

go talk to a person that you trust most.. but make sure don’t always complaint and give negative things. Tell them your problem and your solutions. Get also to consider their ideas on possible solutions.