Maid Work Permit Sticker Transfer to New Renewal Passport

I decided to renew my maid passport here in Kuala Lumpur instead of waiting for her to return back from her 2 months hometown leave.

So when she returns, only leave 1 month to settle with her work permit renewal.

To avoid hassle from my pass encounter I decided to renew her passport 15 months before expiry (due to expiry date which will lapse less than a year if I were to renew her work permit upon her returning).

After settle passport renewal, just realised that I bought her flight ticket before her renewal. Luckily during booking with Airasia to Surabaya, Indonesia i didn’t need to enter her passport number.. Alhamdulillah…

But only one thing need to settle, when I ask employee at KBRI they said no need to transfer her valid work permit sticker to new passport. Just clip together old and new passport and show to Immigration at departure.

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hmmm… I decided to not 100% believe it and went to Immigration at Bandar Damansara. The friendly immigration staff told that I need to transfer sticker because once new passport release the old passport consider expired and not valid. Only one valid passport can a person carry at a time.

My maid permit still valid for around 6 months. I have two options;

  1. renew (but will waste that 6 months validity), 0r
  2. transfer sticker permit at new passport with a cost.

I chose option 2. Below i share the costing and documents needed for this option.

cost (RM200.00)

  1. Visa Multiple Entry (RM15.00)
  2. Lanjutan PL(KS) (RM60.00)
  3. Proses PLKS Pembantu Rumah (RM125)

Required Documents

  1. Letter request (Permohonan sticker permit kerja berikutan pembaharuan passport pembantu asing)
  2. Letter authorisation (for representative)
  3. copy of work permit (old)
  4. copy of old passport (front and back)
  5. copy of new passport (front and back)

This process took around 2 hours (subject to crowd of the day). That’s all. Thank you.