Buying Maid Protector Insurance with discount

I received maid protector renewal notice which last time I bought the policy during renewal of her passport.

Last time I bought two years maid insurance coverage at post office from RHB Insurance provider. I totally forgot the premium amount that I paid last time, but for this time renewal the coverage details as per below;

  1. Accidental death/ permanent disablement – RM20k
  2. Medical expenses – RM750
  3. Hospital and surgical expenses -RM3k
  4. Weekly hospital income benefits – RM110
  5. Repatriation benefits – RM3.5k
  6. Vicarious liability – RM2k
  7. Termination expenses – RM250

Maid Insurance Options Renewal

Since I received the letter I have two options of making renewal which are;

  1. by visiting RHB Insurance branches/RHBI agents
  2. or email direct to

Discount if Buy Direct with RHB

So I decided to only email RHB and to my surprise received their quick reply. Furthermore, if I purchase direct I can get discount of 25%. Instead of paying RM121.30 per year,  I only need to pay for RM93.48 per year coverage.

I just need to make payment online via Jompay and email all the necessary documentations such as maid passport, employer IC copy and payment receipt.

Now I just need for them to provide me with cover note or policy details.

That is all.

Note: Maid Protector is no longer issued by POS Malaysia.