Documentations and Passport Renewal for Indonesian Maid

Required documents;

  1. Letter authorization – wakil isteri
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. Employer IC copy
  4. Copy of maid passport front and back
  5. Copy of maid work permit sticker
  6. Written info in A4 paper – full address (employer house add and Maid Indonesian house add)

Cost for 5 years passport renewal is RM109.00 as of March 2019. This cost inclusive of Biaya Paspor (RM92.00) and Jasa Ti Biometrik (RM17.00)

After submission (27/3/19) of completed document they will give you a slip with payment proof. They said normally will took around 3 days for new passport collection (stamp collection date which is in 1/4/19).

On the slip is also stated that we can sms to get update on the passport status before come for collection.

In my case it so troublesome – took me almost 3 weeks.

Type of Application: Perorangan Penggantian – Habis Berlaku