Arrival of Maid i-Kad – after long delay

Refer to my earlier post in September 2018

Finally by end of December 2018 i received maid i-Kad. Took them 3 months to print the card – reason given ‘ too many card to print’ and ‘earlier problem with printing machine’

What i did at my end to ensure card are delivered to us;

  1. write an email to Print Nasional and provide with the complete information of the permit and cc-ed email to main service provide. (myeg)
  2. Do follow up call to customer Print Nasional customer service center for status. (few times)
  3. Comment on MYEG facebook account and got their respond through Private messaging.
  4. Request them to courier card to home. Reject options for pick up. That what intention MYEG – less hassle service for.

Speak louder than word. Actions make things happen. – these two quotes applied.

Voila… got our card!!!