Honey Chicken Wings Sabah & Durian Stall at Batang Kali Selangor

Last weekend, we stay at Windmill Upon Hills after so long stayed inside our house due to MCO.


We decided to hunt for durian on Sunday evening (15/06/2020). We went to Batang Kali to find cheaper durians.

We managed to found durian kampung at Batang Kali selling at RM15 / kg which is cheap. Furthermore the durian is really delicious.

durian batang kali
durian batang kali

Honey Chicken Wings Sabah

While hunting for durian, we found a stall selling Honey Chicken Wing Sabah. They sell it RM2 per chicken wing. It is really delicious.

You can see its deliciousness from the picture itself.

honey chicken wing sabah at batang kali selangor
honey chicken wing sabah at batang kali selangor


I don’t remember the exact location of the stall, but it was between a mamak restaurant and Shell petrol station.

Estimate location of durian stall on Google Map

Estimate location of the chicken wing Sabah stall on Google Map.