Homemade Chicken Rendang Pizza Recipe

My guy just loved to eat Rendang especially Chicken Rendang. Every time Raya festive for sure he would asked for it. You can eat rendang with rice, ketupat, lemang, pulut kuning or even bread.. at home i must make sure i would standby a baguette for him to eat with.

Since this his favourite, he requested me to try out pizza with chicken rendang toppings. Surprisingly my first time exploring just worth it because it really taste good.

Here I share the recipe for Chicken Rendang Pizza;



  • Cook your usual Chicken Rendang and make sure you have some gravy so can use it as a sauce to cover on top of pizza base.
  • Use fork to slice out the chicken into small pieces. Put aside.
  • Thin slice fresh Holland yellow onion
  • Thin slice green capsicum
  • pizza cheese toppings (i put less but up to your liking)

Use Thin crust or Pan crust pizza base (whichever you prefer), put the gravy sauce on top of the pizza base make sure not too wet. Then you can put all the ingredient above following the steps.

Pre heat the oven at 220 degree then baked your pizza. Cook within 15-20 minutes but it will subject to our oven, can always observed so that your cheese just nice melt and not blackened.

Thank you.

Homemade Chicken Rendang Pizza
fresh from oven


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