SABAH Getaway – Beautiful Nature

If you are Malaysian and never been to Sabah …. rugi wooo… you should buy ticket now.

A lot of places for you to visit there ¬†especially pada sesiapa yang suka pada nature (alam semulajadi) – here is the right place for you to go. I’ve been to KK if not mistaken dah 6 kali.


so this one in 2018, i share with you a bit of photos of places that we went;


We went there just to do sight seeing of the waterfall / river and tak bawa any extra clothes.

Bila dah sampai menyesal la pulak sebab kids nak mandi, – since they all consider not yet teenage so mandi dengan apa pakaian yang ada. We lepak for less than an hour jadilah. So kalau nak datang sini kena plan betul-betul. Bawah ni ada map so u can see what they have there;

Map Mari-Mari Cultural Village


Here the second time we stay at Karambunai, first time in year 2016 we stayed at Rasa Ria Resort & Spa ( nice place to stay also (next time will share on this). Back to Nexus ya;

Road to Hotel entrance along the Golf course area
also there habitat for families of big biawak’