What HARI RAYA means to me?

HARI RAYA are celebrated every 1st of Syawal and its mark as the end of the Islamic Holy month of Ramadhan where that is the period of sober repentance for Muslims, with approximately 30 days of dawn-to-dusk fasting.

Hari Raya to me?

  • Forgiving Time

It is the time when members of the families sit together and ask for forgiveness for all the wrong doings. It starts from the youngest till the eldest. We normally will shake and kiss hand… sometimes hug each other. There are no grudge against each other as we forgive and forgiven. For young kids they wouldn’t understand but they will just follow and from there they will learn of respecting each other especially the eldest.

  • Family Gathers

‘Balik Kampung’ ~ common tag for this festive. Peoples from south to north ~ west to east. The craziness is about travelling from 8 hours to 12 hours to get to the “Kampung” which in normal day only took 5-6 hours instead.

This year we are being wise by taking aeroplane rather than driving. But the saddest part is that i bought last minute flight ticket which cost us around RM1,900 to Kota Bharu (2 adults and 3 kids).

It is really a meaningful moments which every old parent will eagerly wait for their son/daughters, menantu’s and the cucu cicit balik. Biarlah bersempit asalkan semua balik. Sometimes diorang sanggup sacrifice their room just to make sure all the cucu selesa. Alhamdulillah we still lucky coz our mom’s house have 5 rooms with airconds… (not to forget before balik bagi cash for the electricity bills and other expenses so we dont burden them).

Lesson learnt ~ plan your journey in advance! never last minute flight purchase cost price will surely increase if you get it like 6 months or earliest before your travel date.

  • Zakat & Donations

We share our wealth/ excess with less fortunate people through zakat, cash donation or from serving our guest with delicious foods and dishes.

“Duit raya” are also one of ways which we put some cash in angpau. Angpau will be distributed to families, kids, peoples that we are visiting and also kids that are coming to our houses which sometimes we don’t even know who they are.

  • Learnt to be more patience

More for my kids ~ teaching them to puasa. Give some encouragement and motivations. For myself i have to keep in mind that not easily get angry with them.

  • Foods fiesta

waaaa… this food thingy jangan cakapla, memang heaven. Since i seldom balik Kelantan there’s a lot of dishes that im craving for. So we decided why not we just shared among the siblings and cater the food for the week. Our mom tak penat and we can spend our valuable time each other rather than stuck in a kitchen. So here are the foodies that gain me in few Kg’s… huhhhh…

Nasi dagang, Roti Jala & Kuzi
Nasi dagang, Roti Jala & Kuzi
BBQ time
BBQ time
mee kari umi
mee kari umi

This only part of the foods. The rest like soto ayam, satay, rendang, ketupat, nasi lemak, nasi hujan panas even my mom delicious mee goreng tak sempat nak ambil gambar.. so tak dapat post.

  • Holidays

We also used this time to spent time with families and let kids explore few places at their grandmother hometown..

wish you all Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin! 😉

Housing Loan Application Online

Recently, we booked one property for investment. As usual, after booking it is time for housing loan hunting. So I did apply online for below banks:-

1)Hong Leong Bank
2) Alliance Bank
3) Ambank
4) Bank Islam
5) Public Bank

Guess which bank did call me immediately?

The answer is Bank Islam.

Other banks till now no response from them, even after few working days.

Maybe those other banks already met their KPI, so they don’t care much about new sales leads.

Exabytes Web Hosting Slow Support

Lately my web application being attacked by malware where the malware deletes important files and due to this, the website will produce 500 internal error.

Unfortunately during this festive season, Exabytes support is slow. It took them more than 2 hours to reply. As for now since 27/06/2017 – 830am till now I haven’t receive any reply from there.

I’m planning to migrate to other web hosting. Evaluating between serverfreak or shinjiru.

Percutian Singkat di Royale Chulan Damansara

April 2017

After few months working dan cuti pada hari minggu sahaja, we all decided to go and do something out of our daily view and routine.

That time we considered nak pergi Melaka tapi bila fikir balik sure jam dan masa akan dibazirkan on the road. Dengan hanya ambil cuti satu hari (sebab Monday public holiday -pertabalan agong) we got 4 days (4D3N) and stayed at the Royale Chulan Damansara.

Packing masa tu pun light sebab kalau tak cukup baju we can always walk to the curve atau ikano since we familiar with shopping there. (hehe.. dengan harapan boleh dijadikan alasan untuk buy apa-apa jelah).

view from our room
view from our room

After check in, my kids sangatlah excited sbb bilik kitorang facing pool and they loved it. My youngest tiap kali masuk hotel memang projek dia selongkar laci, main telefon, conteng-conteng guna kertas dan paper hotel sambil menggunakan sebaiknya reading table tu – at least occupied.

So we allocated our few hours utk lazying and lepak dalam bilik .. kids we let them spent time with their gadget and we both membuto jap.

Bila dah semua re-energized then we all keluar ~ walking distance and plan to have our dinner bawah ikano tu. But sadly all the shops and restaurants dekat ikano closed – due to renovation. Hanya tinggal ikea at that block and we made a turn back to curve (macam org hilang haluan). Food options at that time memang not meet our taste buds so after pusing-pusing we headed back to the hotel and had our dinner at RCD ~ BBQ buffet dinner.

So our activities while staying there mostly nap, bonding time with kids, swimming, watch movie (cineleisure) and window shopping. This considered the most relaxing moments tanpa pergi jauh. Below are some of the photos taken;

We should plan for other venue in KL pulak.. if ada cuti yg boleh disambung2. 😉

How To Handle STRESS / Problems

STRESS may vary depending on how people handle and takes certain things into their perspective or personal and emotional way. I bet everyone when they are stuck into something they will start getting stress and freak out.

I find few ways to avoid my stress… be at work or personal matters. Here are some of my ways;

  4. TALK WITH SOMEONE / Go Hug and Kiss Your Loved ones

Draft out possible causes, solutions and potential outcome

Normally when you have problems it will make you think  and worrying too much… unorganised thoughts will lead to exhaustion and wasting time.

You should >>> write down;

“what are the problems?” , what does this problem can lead you to? (or is it you worrying too much), what is your option to solve this?, what this options can lead to? … and then make your choice.. what else can you do? its better plan than stressing and do nothing.

  1. Think of happy moments, places or persons

i would do most, just close my eyes… free my mind and dig deep into my memory of campus view facing the mountains.. and ohh.. its just soothing.

sometimes you just need a hug.. no need to tell the problem and you can just released it by spending time like shopping or holiday together with your loved one.

Pray to God

Not only when you are praying.. make it a habit everyday you pray … say it deep into your heart what you are wish for,  be it when your driving to work.. back from work … before sleep..  Allah SWT will always hear you.

Talk with someone

go talk to a person that you trust most.. but make sure don’t always complaint and give negative things. Tell them your problem and your solutions. Get also to consider their ideas on possible solutions.