No More Maid i-Kad Issuance – Starting August 2019

myeg tower counter

For 2019, as usual my maid permit needs to be renewed before her work permit expiry by middle of September 2019.

I proceed with MyEG Services and chose to self collect at MyEG office. Not like 2018, this time they have change office to its own MyEG Tower at Empire City. That new building is on the opposite road of Ikea, Cycle and Carriage, Mutiara Damansara or easiest same row with MOFAZ Damansara.

myeg tower new office
myeg tower new office

Depending on which side of the road your driving from, I was from Penchala Link and waze direct me to other side of entrance. Easier for you to get waze direction since that driveway still messy with MRT under construction.

Back to my point, after MyEG staff settled putting the work permit sticker on passport, I was informed that ‘government’ no longer issue ikad to maid.

But to get clearer picture on why? I also dont know. There is nothing stated as well on immigration websites . I am still digging but no online results found … sigh..

News on Why No More i-Kad Issuance