My TNB Bill Spike to RM606.85 for June 2020 Bill

In my previous post, I was happy that my bill was in line with my expectation. To my surprise,  when I see my TNB bill spike for June 2020, it is RM606.85.

On average, my monthly bill is RM260. MCO started in March.

So assuming my June bill is also RM260 so my bill is additional of RM346.85. According to TNB, during MCO (March to May) they did estimation only. The real meter reading is on June. So if I average out RM346.85 / 3  = RM115.60 additional per month.

Why divided by 3? Because I take from March till May only. Bear in mind, MCO started in 18th March. So it means March only half month we stayed at home.

So roughly my monthly bill during MCO is RM260 + RM115.60 = RM375.60.