Real Kids 2020 Pre-school Education Fees

At this third quarter of the 2019 schooling, we received letter from school requesting confirmation for our son next year enrollment.

They need confirmation so they can plan out next year opening seats for new registration. They offered us a complimentary custom-made poncho for swimming classes and apron for art and culinary classes for confirmation before end October 2019.

I share with you all Real Kids 2020 fees for your market survey or reference if you are looking for the rates.

Realkids 2020 fees
Real kids 2020 education fees
Supplementary and other fees realkids 2020
Supplementary and Other fees – Real kids 2020

Consideration for Kids Pre School / Kindergarten / Early Education

Every parents will definitely choose the best place for their kids to learn. My experienced in 2014 enrolling my daughter was really challenging. First timer lots of screening to do, now i just continue that made up decision for my youngest which will go for a pre school at age of 5 by 2019.

When is the right time to send them?

I have a maid so it is not an issue for me to enrol them earlier or later. I decided to let my kids enjoy their kids time at home and play with other sibling. By age 5, all have to start going for pre school and have a ‘Fun Learning while making friends.

My main criteria in choosing which kindergarten to send them are basically as per below;

Safer Surrounding

We did few survey and its a NO.. NO to shop-lot premises. Our concern is more of their safety. In case of emergency they have to run down the stairs which are narrow and there is a danger of falling when too many kids – possible of pushing each other.

Since we are hiring transporter – if its a shop it will be a common area and risk of accident are at chance.

So we decided to choose kindergarten which having its own compound with strict safety rules and regulations apply to parent and transporter. Security guard also is a must.

2 bedrooms with balcony windmill genting highlands

Friendlier Teacher

Teacher must be friendlier to kids and have skills to approach them. This will consider as introduction for kids being away from their parents, home and routine. If the teacher are convincing enough life will be easier for mommy and daddy … hehe!

Am satisfied with real kids because we are able to communicate with teacher and they do update on my kids progress. They also heard our feedback and take actions through out our complaints.

Fun Syllabus and Activities

Check on syllabus and activities they are offering and you decide from there. Some offers other than main subject (English, Bahasa, Maths, Mandarin) like swimming, musics, art, computer, agama and others.

Kids are also given an opportunity to expose themselves from activities like drama, joining for concert and public speaking.

Medium of communication – must be English. We observed our eldest kids, they are fluent and confident to communicate in English. So when they went for Kebangsaan School, they just need to divert to BM communicative. Some of their friend aren’t confidence in communicating English. While the school environment itself not encouraging for kids to use English other that during English syllabus. It’s a stepping stone for them being at English medium pre schoolers.


Other than location which are nearer to our house. The school space should be spacious and convenience for kids to play and running around.

Education FeesĀ 

This I put last because it will depends on everyone’s budget. Some would save more and spent at other things but some willing to pay high for a certain education preference and conveniency.

Normally the cost will consists of security deposits, advance 2 moths fees, supplementary fees, materials fees and uniforms.

Realkids 2019 Fee Structure