Nasi Cincang Kak Wok At Putrajaya

Every time I have a meeting at Putrajaya, I will drop by at Selera Laman Perdana to have my lunch. My favorite stall will be Nasi Cincang. The dish is similar like Nasi Kak Wok. I think it is better than Nasi Kak Wok that I tried before. The chicken, kuah and sambal are really tasty.

If you go there during lunch time, there would be a long queue.

Nasi Cincang at Selera Laman Perdana
Nasi Cincang at Selera Laman Perdana

Besides, the food court and the stall itself is clean. The Nasi Cincang is affordable with lots of chicken pieces they only charge you RM5.50 per plate.


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