Trip to Tokyo, Japan – 15D14N

Our vacation trip to Japan is like out of as sudden – while waiting for buka puasa we both chatting and tiba- tiba keluarlah idea untuk melancong ke Japan.

At that point of time terus browse for flight tickets and surprisingly harga tiket consider okay.. affordable. Terus beli tiket tanpa fikir panjang sebab for other arrangement mcm places to visit and stay we can always plan and arrange later. (5 months to go)

Once heard tips from a frequent traveler – “grab cheap flight first and plan later for the trip + savings because if you WAIT you will never get chance to travel”.  This will be a pushing factor, once ticket bought its time for you to properly plans and work your plans out.

Starting from that day i started to prepare an itinerary for 15 Days 14 Nights of our stay in Tokyo. Tokyo isn’t the first time for my husband but to make it interesting he let me do the planning so i can learn and understand more and plan / find activities that suits  for our 3 kids & Parent in Law.

Here is my itinerary;

Japan itinerary – travel plan

Deciding on places to stay

Our plane arrival and departure at Haneda Airport, so from there i have to make sure our stay must accessible by public transport. Flight scheduled to arrived at 11.30 pm Japan local time and train service end by 12am. We have to opt for a cab,

We used Airbnb services to search for homestay and decided to stay somewhere in Shinjuku. Lucky our host very helpful and responsive every time we need to get info about the property or Tokyo generally.

There was a variety of choices for a homestay and my criteria in choosing home as per below;

  1. have two rooms
  2. must have Lift / elevator (most walk up distance and some lift restricted to senior citizens and handicap only)
  3. near train stations
  4. near convenience store
  5. must have Halal restaurants nearby
  6. Washlet (clean toilet)
  7. spacious (most hotels and places not offer that spacious stay)
  8. provide facilities – washing machine, drier, microwave, TV,  portable wifi, cooking stove – utensils.
  9. Portable wifi provided

Our trip was end year ~ consider peak time of the year. We have to make a quick decision so we can take a whole stretch stay at one place. Once you decided full payment have to be made so your booking is secured.

Arranging for communication facilities 

Our Airbnb host provide portable wifi for our stay and we can bring out while we touring Japan.

Devices are fully charged with data available for our access. But to make things easier since will be going touring we need at least two wifi so whenever we split we can still communicate.

So we need another one of the unlimited portable wifi data which we make an advance purchased and collected at airport –  KLIA. This would be cheaper compare you do roaming.. your phone bill will explode.

We all just share the wifi data – we can still communicate through watsapp text and call – also facetime. No worries!!

So i will continue with the places the we visited in next – next – next post yeah … adios!!


Day 1 – Yoyogi Park & Takeshita Street

Day 2 – TMGO

Day 3 – Shinjuku Gyoen National Park & Shibuya Crossing