Theme Park Exploration at DisneyLand, Tokyo

We allocated 2 days for Disneyland but still feels that need 3 days at least to have full blast at this park only.

Tokyo DisneyLand – Attractions and shows, meeting your favourite Disney characters. Seven  (7) fun filled themed land offers more than can be enjoyed in just 1 day!

Disney Castle @ Night

1.0 World Bazaar

Elegant buildings from the Victorian era line the streets and welcome you to the good old days of America at the beginning of the 20th century when Walt Disney was born.

Bazaar World, Disneyland

Disney Day Parade

2.0 Adventure Land

This is a land of adventure thrilling encounters await you from the wild beast deep in the jungles to the pirates along the dark waterways of the Caribbean


Boat Ride

3.0 Western Land

The wide open west of the frontier days is recreated here. The dreams and romance of the pioneers begin here.

Train ride

4.0 Critter Country

Along the river of America rises a red mountain where lots of critters have made their home


River Cruise
River Cruise


River Cruise View
River Cruise
Boat cruise by the river



5.0 Fantasy Land

In this fairy tale land where dreams come true. go on magical journeys with Snow White, Peter Pan, Winnie The Pooh and other familiar heroes and heroines.

6.0 Toon Town

A happy town where the characters from Disney Animated films live, work and play


7.0 Tomorrow Land

Experience a journey to the distant universe or an unforgettable musical show in this land of the future and mankind’s dreams.


Buzz Lightyear Disneyland Tokyo




Space Mountain -This space mountain ride will give you heart attack. Make sure you are fit to ride this roller coaster in a dark space.

Space Mountain – Disneyland Tokyo
Star Wars Simulation

Must wait!!!!! Dreamlights – Nightime parade Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade

Parkwide – Happiness is Here

This is where the happiest night parade takes place where we enjoy the fun and excitement of this parade with all of favourite Disney characters.

The lights to the castle is specially design for Disney Christmas Stories.

Night view @ Night Parade


This post still incomplete will add more photos soon. 🙂

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