How To Do Housing Loan Full Settlement at Al Rajhi Bank?

If you want to do full settlement for your housing loan at Al Rajhi, you can follow these steps.

1) Request for Redemption Letter

You send your request to and Al Rajhi will charge fee of RM10. So you need to have RM10 at your saving accounts where Al Rajhi deducts the monthly installment.

2) Fill in the form & submit it at any Al Rajhi branch.

The customer service will give you a form to be filled in. Fill in the form and submit it to any Al Rajhi branch. You must ensure your mailing address is up to date so you can receive the hard copy full settlement letter.

3) Al Rajhi will send full settlement letter via email and by post.

One to two working days you will receive your full settlement letter via email.

al rajhi full settlement letter
al rajhi full settlement letter