How To Reduce Al Rajhi Housing Loan Principal

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If you have extra money and want to reduce your housing loan principal with Al Rajhi bank, below are the steps.

Steps to Reduce Housing Loan Principal

  1. Send an official letter to Al Rajhi,
    • state the amount to reduce principal
    • state your saving account number with Al Rajhi
    • state your housing loan account number
    • authorize Al Rajhi to deduct the amount from your saving account with Al Rajhi
    • sign the letter
  2. Ensure the amount is in your Al Rajhi bank account
  3. Email the soft copy letter to
  4. Ensure Al Rajhi provide you with acknowledgement
  • There is no minimum amount to reduce the principal
  • It takes 7 working days to process

This information is verified as of 31st March 2020, when I made a call to Al Rajhi call centre. Better to double confirm with Al Rajhi regarding your housing loan.