Be Cautious – Some Mobile Apps can auto-deduct credit card

Most companies nowadays will have their own mobile apps (ios or android) as one of platform to reach and promote businesses to clients.

I remembered in 2009 when started using iPhone, most actively used and downloaded apps was more to games, photo editing, kids learning apps, wallpapers and youtube.

Then later on apps usage evolved to messaging (watsapp, telegram) social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram), online shopping (Lazada, Zalora, Shopee,Carousell) , movie ticketing with scan barcode (GSC, TGV), video streaming (Tonton, Netflix), Transportation and mapping services (Grab, Uber, Waze, Google Street) Hotel bookings (, Agoda, Trivago, airbnb) and Restaurants (nando’s, McDonalds, Food Panda).

hohoho… that’s why mata cepat rabun .. to much staring on mobile screen.

By having this apps most merchants offer lots off perks in a way to enticed users on continuous apps usage and make transactions with them course 🙂

Perks can be in term of coupon, cash vouchers, redeemable point collection, priority entrances, contests and etc.

No doubt using apps can simplify and ease users experience compared to browsing on the web version, which will need more time to get into exact search within various of other information. By having the apps merchants can zoom in users to its available products and services by put more interesting offers on the plate in front of you.

We as user must be extra careful when using apps because if we didn’t look carefully apps can directly deduct our credit card. Here just want to share my experience, which one of “hotel booking apps” auto deduct my credit card just in one slide (or not even blink).

At first for few times I received repeated email mentioning that my account will entitle discount up to RM300 with given coupon code.

I have been ignoring these emails until two days before expiry i browse the apps to see does it worth the offer. When i clicked at the property comes the “slide for confirmation”.. and yaa in mind… from here where should it guide /bring me so that can key in the coupon code.

But that slide was not the feeling as if am are sliding balcony door with the “sea view hotel” it just so miserable when automatically i got message from the bank “your transaction successful” … whatttttt!!!! OMG what should i do next???

First call the bank and here their responds;

  1. ‘you have to call the merchants, only them can cancel transactions
  2. why didn’t request for TAC before approved? – ‘Some merchants apps will have this feature which once you have successful transaction record with them it can override TAC for future transaction”
  3. As security measures can bank improvise my account requirement so that each transaction will require TAC validation before can proceed?.. “cannot … up to merchants” – so crazy .. does merchants are their only clients not their account holder meh? .. sigh..

Lastly contacted merchants;

  1. Apps will remember your credit card info last transacted if you saved the card info. *** and saved button is small which you cant easily notice.. (last phrase by the customer service reps.. hahaha)
  2. This procedure will allow easy access and transaction to their frequent clients.
  3. If want to compare and hotels browsing suggested to use website version rather than apps.
  4. Make sure to delete all saved credit card info to avoid future “slide to confirmation” transaction feature. This also can cause misinterpretation – i would suggest to use “slide to payment” instead.
  5. Hotels policy cancellation normally wont allow refund for any cancellation less than 3 days. Lucky this merchant they gave me two options; if hotels allow to cancel they will refund back to my credit card; or if hotels not allow merchant will absorb the cost for this one time and credit with same value to my apps (not card) for future stay.
  6. But luckily with their help hotel allow me to cancel without any payment charges.

Aside from this incident am happy cause get to solved my problem without cash burn, provide feedback to the bank, be more cautious when using apps and share with you all!!