Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices (TMGO), Shinjuku

Building and architectural structures view

TMGO also known as Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building or Tocho’. Located in West Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is the headquarters of the government offices.

I guess in Malaysia consider same as Putrajaya where most Government offices are stationed.

The tallest building in Tokyo and the second tallest building in Japan, the TMGO was conceived as a high-tech center from which Tokyo could be led into the promising twenty-first century.

It was said that the design of the building was meant to resemble a computer chip,while also evoking the look of a Gothic cathedral. But am not really aware of that point during my visit and that surrounding area was already enough with stunning tall building bricks.

The design structures of the building are so nice for photo taking.

TMGO, Japan
The Metropolitan Government Building


TMGO walkway