Google Adsense How to Verify PIN Address

Suddenly when I logged into my Google Adsense account, Google asked me to verify my address before they can proceed any payment.

I was looking where to do it and what address I used but it is really hard to find the manual.

So I do this article with screenshots so easy for others to find and do it.

1. Verify Your PIN Address

If you have this message, then you have to verify your address.

Your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address.

i. Go to you dashboard @ Home

google adsense home dashboard
google adsense home dashboard

ii. Scroll Down till you find “Todo – Verify your Billing Address”

google adsense verify address
google adsense verify address

iii. If you already receive your PIN, you can key in the 6 digits by clicking verify.

2. Where To Know What is Your Billing Address

i. Check your primary user first because Google will send to primary user. (Click Account > Access & Authorization > User Management)

google adsense - user management
google adsense – user management

ii. Click on your profile on top right and click my account

google account - manage account
google account – manage account

iii. Click Payment & Subscriptions > Manage payment methods

google account - payment and subscriptions
google account – payment and subscriptions

iv. Click Address

google account - manage address
google account – manage address