Way to improve my kids BM writing skills plus increasing knowledge.

khalid al walid

Last year (2018) school holiday, I asked my both kids to read Bahasa Malaysia books on Islamic historical due to this main reasons;

  1. to improve Bahasa Malaysia vocabulary and;
  2. learn writing essay in Bahasa Malaysia the right way

At first kids didn’t show any interest and reluctant to read it. I still encourage them to read by making sure at first they summarise to me pages they read. But after few times reading it, they become excited to read more other books – related to Islamic heroes.

Lucky i have those collection at home so they can picked from there.

Then from there I proceed for them to summarise whatever they have read at Google Sheet created and shared to me for easy review. Hope this is some of encouragement and support system for them to improve their BM vocab whilst learning the good values in Islam.

Below are the list of the books.

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