Preparation for Drum Yamaha Grade 10 Examination

yamaha drum grade examination

“TIME YOU ENJOY WASTING IS NOT WASTED TIME” – Marthe Troly-Curtin, Phrynette Married.

As a parent we need to educate our kids on how important for them to manage their time wisely. To get them to value time they need to be discipline.

I remembered during my younger age there was no electronics, gadgets or apps that could help to manage my schedule or alerted me to do a certain task. What I did was to prepare a scrapped book with tasks/ actions segregated by time frame on day to day basis. For example; at 5.oo – 5.30pm (watering plant & fold cloth), 6.oopm (shower) … felt guilty when didn’t follow it.

But these activities are more to routine and will become meticulous even though it’s important to be time conscious. So we focus on the time filling¬†instead.

We introduced our boy to music lesson which he chose to play drum at first and permanently become his liking which he continuously attends to weekend class. He practices every day for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

We take step forward to measure his efforts in this field by registering him for Drum Yamaha Grade 10 Examination. We want to expose him playing in front of examiners and to develop his self confidence.

He practices nearly every day using his electronics drum. So far according to his teacher, he is able to do it.

hadeef yamaha drum grade examination session
hadeef yamaha drum grade examination session

Yamaha Grade Examination was held at YAMAHA centre in Kelana Jaya. Now we need to wait for the results which according to staff result will take around 1 month to be released.

Mom and Dad always Pray for you Hadeef! Best of Luck!

Yamaha Drum Grade Examination Explanation