Add-on seat purchase for confirmed flight booking

We are prone to make mistake when being too careful or over cautious in doing something. In my case it happens when doing online transaction which having a countdown clock. Afraid that i might missed the deal due to longer time taken especially during flight booking.

Sure you know for flight booking we must confirm on the date and time of departure, arrival, guests list/ details, credit card info for payment and etc.

Always the time that i need to call my partners to know if he is okay to travel on that date and time. After getting price/rate that i wanted – browsing  session pulak been chasing to expired before can confirm. That is normal … phewwww!!

Whenever i want to browse the airlines portal to see their offering i will use incognito window so that it cannot track my searching.

All incognito mode will do is erase your browsing and search histories while in private mode, as well as dump any tracking cookies you pick-up during your incognito session. If you’re unsure how to turn on your browser’s added privacy mode you can find instructions online for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. –

Always make sure to register and login upon making a purchase so easier for you to track, monitor and manage your bookings.

This time i only bought seat for departure but forgot to buy seat for return flight. Soon after realised i try to add on seat purchasing from Manage  Booking features but unable to do so. Only available add on option for insurance, baggage and flight date.

To solve this i contacted Malindo call center, they gave me option where they reserve the seat that i intend to buy and within 2-3 days someone from payment department will contact me for payment purposes.

In mind should i wait and how can they get the payment thru calling? does it mean i need to give my credit card info? what is the mechanism? does it safe?

what i was told is that seat have been locked for my booking. Since i don’t want this to cause me so much hassle. i told them that meantime i will drop by at their ticketing counter and make payment there.

Wise decision to make.. drop by at Subang Airport counter and make payment. All reserve seats already entered by call centre reps. So all settled.

Am not sure what happen with the online system in my case. Actually members could add on seats from Manage Booking…. sigh!!! whatever..

valuable experience learnt through hard way!