Programmers Quadrant or Software Developers Quadrant

I created the Programmers Quadrant to make my software developers team aware of their current skills position.

With the quadrant,  a programmer can easily visualize where are they now in term of skills.

The quadrant has Data Structure and Algorithm as its vertical axis. While Reusable Codes as it horizontal axis.

This programmers quadrant is only for someone who knows to code already. If he is still learning, he won’t be categorized under this quadrant.

Data Structure and Algorithm Vertical Axis

This axis represents how good a programmer regarding data structure or algorithm.

The better he is the higher he can go into the axis.

Given a set of requirements, a programmer must be able to identify the best data structure and algorithm to solve the requirements.

Reusable Codes Horizontal Axis

This axis how good a programmer in making a reusable codes instead of hard coded to a specific application.

A person who has good knowledge on object oriented programming, design pattern, best coding practice and follows naming convention standard.

4 Programmers Quadrants

#1 – Einstein Coder

A programmer who is very good in data structure and algorithm but at same time can produce reusable codes.

#2 – Genius Code

A programmer who can create or know what is the best data structure or algorithm to be used but his code is hard coded.

#3 – Engineer Coder

A programmer who most of the time uses third party library or technology to make its application and the code produced is reusable and easily readable.

#4 – Frankenstein Coder

A programmer who use third party library, can make an application works but he produces hard coded application and not reusable for other application and not easily readable.