Documentations and Passport Renewal for Indonesian Maid

Required documents;

  1. Letter authorization – wakil isteri
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. Employer IC copy
  4. Copy of maid passport front and back
  5. Copy of maid work permit sticker
  6. Written info in A4 paper – full address (employer house add and Maid Indonesian house add)

Cost for 5 years passport renewal is RM109.00 as of March 2019. This cost inclusive of Biaya Paspor (RM92.00) and Jasa Ti Biometrik (RM17.00)

After submission (27/3/19) of completed document they will give you a slip with payment proof. They said normally will took around 3 days for new passport collection (stamp collection date which is in 1/4/19).

On the slip is also stated that we can sms to get update on the passport status before come for collection.

In my case it so troublesome – took me almost 3 weeks.

Type of Application: Perorangan Penggantian – Habis Berlaku

Delicious Homemade Salads!

Salads always the easiest and fastest way to prepare. But the range of time need to prepare one depends on how colorful and richness of the salads content you want to add in.

The simplest way to prepare just add on your favorite mixture of veggies, fruits, pasta and dressings.

Somehow after few attempts, I finally have my own preferences in making my own delicious salads. See below for mouth watering photos that anyone can’t resist ;@


delicious salads
deliciously homemade salads



  1. Potato
  2. Carrot
  3. Garlic
  4. Lettuce (red coral lettuce, baby kale, curly crisp lettuce)
  5. English Parsley
  6. Rosemary leaves
  7. Brussels sprout green
  8. cherry tomatoes
  9. Chicken Meatloaf
  10. green / red / yellow capsicum
  11. Tuscan Swiss Brown mushrooms
  12. Yellow Onion
  13. olive oil
  14. white pepper
  15. black pepper
  16. salt
  17. Thousand Island dressing
  18. Oyster sauce
  19. corn flour

How to prepare;

Preparation A

Slice potato and carrot into medium size can that fit- in-mouth size in what ever shape you like. Bake in oven all those slices potato and carrot on the aluminium foil, sprinkle some salt, white pepper, olive oil and smashed garlic together until cooked.

Preparation B

Wash all the salads, tomato and all the leaves on the ingredient list above.

Preparation C

Wash brussels sprout green. Mixed with salt, white pepper, black pepper and olive. Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil into frying pan and fried the Brussels sprout up to your liking. I fried it until it dried and crunchy.

Preparation D

Slices capsicum into your preference cute size and put in aluminium foil on top of oven tray. Sprinkle some salt, white pepper, black pepper and olive oil. Baked in oven until it turn brownish.

Preparation E

Cut chicken meatloaf at rectangular sizes. Fried the meatloaf (add teaspoon olive oil) slices until its crunchy.

Preparation F

Slices all the Tuscan Swiss Brown mushrooms, fried together with yellow onion slices then add some oyster sauce + bit of salt and cornflour for the salads sauce.

Final Preparation

Add all prep A-F into large bowl, Mixed it all together. Thousand island you should add and mix only when you want to eat/ served so to preserve its freshness.


Real Kids 2020 Pre-school Education Fees

At this third quarter of the 2019 schooling, we received letter from school requesting confirmation for our son next year enrollment.

They need confirmation so they can plan out next year opening seats for new registration. They offered us a complimentary custom-made poncho for swimming classes and apron for art and culinary classes for confirmation before end October 2019.

I share with you all Real Kids 2020 fees for your market survey or reference if you are looking for the rates.

Realkids 2020 fees
Real kids 2020 education fees
Supplementary and other fees realkids 2020
Supplementary and Other fees – Real kids 2020

No More Maid i-Kad Issuance – Starting August 2019

For 2019, as usual my maid permit needs to be renewed before her work permit expiry by middle of September 2019.

I proceed with MyEG Services and chose to self collect at MyEG office. Not like 2018, this time they have change office to its own MyEG Tower at Empire City. That new building is on the opposite road of Ikea, Cycle and Carriage, Mutiara Damansara or easiest same row with MOFAZ Damansara.

myeg tower new office
myeg tower new office

Depending on which side of the road your driving from, I was from Penchala Link and waze direct me to other side of entrance. Easier for you to get waze direction since that driveway still messy with MRT under construction.

Back to my point, after MyEG staff settled putting the work permit sticker on passport, I was informed that ‘government’ no longer issue ikad to maid.

But to get clearer picture on why? I also dont know. There is nothing stated as well on immigration websites . I am still digging but no online results found … sigh..

News on Why No More i-Kad Issuance


How To Renew Indonesian Maid Permit In Malaysia Using MyEG in 2019

Easy Peasy,

Lemon Squeezy, 

With MYEG,

Make life easy!

 Haahaa.. This year, 2019 is my Indonesian helper 10th years in service. Not like last year (2018) this time, it was way easier to do permit renewal because I didn’t need to send her for FOMEMA check-up.  steps for maid permit renewal

Since she just got back from her hometown for two months break, her work permit validity only left about one month.

To make things easy for us before she went back for her hometown, I cleared all the processes. Below is how to renew maid permit for 2019:-

  1. Prepare employment contract with Indonesian Embassy.
  2. Renew her passport. (Because to renew her work permit with immigration, her passport validity must no less than 3 months of expiry from her 1 year renewal term of work permit).
  3. Transfer work permit sticker from old passport to new passport. (with cost).
  4. Updating an immigration systems of all latest passport information and interlinked with MyEG for upcoming MyEG renewal process.

When she returned from her break, I only need to logon to MyEG service website and key in all the information for renewal with payment.  That’s all!

2 bedrooms with balcony windmill genting highlands
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
  • Choose immigration and click at Maid Permit Renewal
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
  • Fill up all your details
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
  • Choose your collection method
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
  • Cost Involvement for Maid Permit Renewal

Total cost for Work Permit Renewal is RM610. Cost inclusive of Pass Charge RM60.00, Levy Charge RM 410, Visa Charge RM15, and Process Charge RM125.

MyEG website for maid permit renewal
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
  • Choose Your Payment Method. Make sure you disabled pop up blocker for this website for payment gateway to pass through.
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
MyEG website for maid permit renewal
  • At the end of transaction you will receive payment summary and if successful you can print your online receipt.
  • Keep receipt number so it will be easier for you to follow up if needed.
  • collection


What To Eat at Genting Highland- Delicious Thai Cuisines > choice#1

We have been making few staycation trips at Genting Highland just to have feel of living and enjoying view up the hills.

Within month of August 2019, we make 2 trips. Each stay around 2 to 3 nights using AirBNB booking facilities for homestay. Only one of the homestays provides induction stove for cooking which we decided not to spent time on cooking but just eat out and explore food places.

I will share one good place, we hunt for food up here.

Choice #1: NOK SOKMO GENTING TOMYAM – Restoran Masakan Thai dan Masakan Kampung

Location: Genting Permai, in front of GEO38 Condominium.

Latitude Longitude: 3.386584, 101.774920

This restaurant serving delicious halal Thai cuisines which most of the night time all tables are taken. Make sure you come early for dinner (before 7.30pm) so your order come quick and no need to wait for vacant table.

We ate few times there just because of its satisfying flavours and at affordable price.

Ordered same dishes were never bored for me laa.  Hehehe. So this was the food that we ate repeatedly.

Tomyam Ayam, Telur Dadar, Kailan Ikan Masin, Kangkung Belacan and Ayam Pad Krapow
Tomyam Ayam, Telur Dadar, Kailan Ikan Masin, Kangkung Belacan and Ayam Pad Krapow
Ikan siakap masak tiga rasa at Genting Permai
Ikan siakap masak tiga rasa at Genting Permai

Price range for all of the above within RM91 – RM94, with 5 bowls of plain rice and ice water or maybe with additional 1 or 2 glasses of teh tarik and kopi O. Food deliciously cook and worth the price. Cheaper for that 5-6 lauk.

It is cheap and good food especially in Genting now the food price is expensive.

You may explore other foods which they also serve ‘masakan kampung’. tapi belum try lagi sebab yang atas tu sedap sangat. ;P


Aneka Nasi Menu at Genting Permai
Aneka Nasi Menu at Genting Permai
Masakan Ayam at Genting Permai
Masakan Ayam at Genting Permai
Masakan daging and seafood at Genting Permai
Masakan daging and seafood at Genting Permai
lain - lain specialty at Genting Permai
lain – lain specialty at Genting Permai




Maid Work Permit Sticker Transfer to New Renewal Passport

I decided to renew my maid passport here in Kuala Lumpur instead of waiting for her to return back from her 2 months hometown leave.

So when she returns, only leave 1 month to settle with her work permit renewal.

To avoid hassle from my pass encounter I decided to renew her passport 15 months before expiry (due to expiry date which will lapse less than a year if I were to renew her work permit upon her returning).

After settle passport renewal, just realised that I bought her flight ticket before her renewal. Luckily during booking with Airasia to Surabaya, Indonesia i didn’t need to enter her passport number.. Alhamdulillah…

But only one thing need to settle, when I ask employee at KBRI they said no need to transfer her valid work permit sticker to new passport. Just clip together old and new passport and show to Immigration at departure.

windmill genting highlands 6 pax 2 rooms with balcony
Advertisement ~ Genting Highlands ~ 6 pax ~ 2 rooms with balcony

hmmm… I decided to not 100% believe it and went to Immigration at Bandar Damansara. The friendly immigration staff told that I need to transfer sticker because once new passport release the old passport consider expired and not valid. Only one valid passport can a person carry at a time.

My maid permit still valid for around 6 months. I have two options;

  1. renew (but will waste that 6 months validity), 0r
  2. transfer sticker permit at new passport with a cost.

I chose option 2. Below i share the costing and documents needed for this option.

cost (RM200.00)

  1. Visa Multiple Entry (RM15.00)
  2. Lanjutan PL(KS) (RM60.00)
  3. Proses PLKS Pembantu Rumah (RM125)

Required Documents

  1. Letter request (Permohonan sticker permit kerja berikutan pembaharuan passport pembantu asing)
  2. Letter authorisation (for representative)
  3. copy of work permit (old)
  4. copy of old passport (front and back)
  5. copy of new passport (front and back)

This process took around 2 hours (subject to crowd of the day). That’s all. Thank you.

Chicken Pad Krapow Recipe

We discover this menu from Absolute Thai Restaurants and later at Boat Noodles. Husband been loving this dishes and requested me to add in my home cook menu list.

That what i loved to hear, since he doesn’t eat seafood and meat. Always the chicken and i need varieties and options. After few attempt i believe am good at it. I share with you here the recipe;

Thai dishes – Chicken Pad Krapow


  1. Minced chicken
  2. olive oil
  3. shallots (smash or pounded)
  4. ginger (pounded)
  5. onion (slice)
  6. chilies (small slice)
  7. oyster sauce
  8. soy sauce
  9. chicken broth
  10. white sugar
  11. brown sugar
  12. Basil leaf (finely chopped)
  13. salt

How to cook;

  1. heat your frying pan and add some olive oil
  2. fry the minced chicken until brownish
  3. squeeze the chicken to the side of the pan
  4. add shallots, ginger, onion, and chilies until – fry until yellowish.
  5. then mix together with the chicken
  6. mix ingredients for the sauces before hand (oyster sauce, soy sauce, chicken broth, white sugar, brown sugar)
  7. Add in the ready mix sauce into the pan.
  8. stir until the sauce caramelize with the chicken.
  9. add some salt and turn of the stove.
  10. Lastly mix the chopped basil leaf and stir with the chicken.

Ready to eat!! I would suggest to eat together with Tomyam Soup, Omelette and Salted Fish Fried Kailan. 

Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken

Sangat mudah untuk masak resipi ini asalkan barang yang diperlukan ada tersedia.

Mula- mula perlu marinate ayam dengan garam, tepung jagung + tepung ubi, sedikit black paper. Goreng dahulu ayam kemudian barulah boleh sediakan sosnya pula.

Bahan-Bahan untuk sos;

  1. Butter
  2. Bawang putih (potong dadu)
  3. Daun kari
  4. Cili padi
  5. Half kiub pati ayam (Brand knorr)
  6. Salted egg powder (kalau takde boleh rebus telur masin, ambil kuningnya sahaja dan lecekkan)
  7. 2 keping cheese (Brand Singles)
  8. Fresh milk
  9. Tepung jagung (mixed dgn air)
  10. Gula

Cara menyediakan sos;

Buka api kecil dan masukkan butter. Tumis daun kari sehingga naik bau dan masukkan bawang putih + cili padi + kiub ayam.

Apabila kekuningan sedikit masukkan salted egg + cheese slices + fresh milk. Sentiasa gaulkan dan ditambah tepung jagung dan gula. Ikut kepekatan yang disukai.

Last sekali barulah masukkan ayam dan gaul sekata. Siap!

Get online Queue Number before Renew Indonesian Maid Passport – 2019

The longest term for passport you can have is maximum of 5 years. So 5 years it is … the hassle that i need to overcome – of all tedious process for my Indonesian Maid passport renewal.

This round ‘year 2019’ am a bit relieved knowing that they have simplify the processes but still after i jadi mangsa dulu… 🙁

If you want to reduce hassle may take one or two tips i share down here >>

At first I went to embassy to proceed with renewal of employment contract ( but noticed lots of people queuing at door 1.

Some of them were not allow to go in for passport renewal because they didn’t have queue number “angka giliran’.

haha… nasib i observe surrounding. Mula lah gabra.. ehh how to get that number, and yang silapnya ‘ulat-ulat’ kat tepi tu mula approach i….. Kak kalau mau no gilirannya saya boleh tolong dapatkan… sekarang tiada nombor sudah lagi sebulan baru nombor ada. Kena cepat dapatkan nombor … hmm apelagi panik la.. nanti kalau tak dapat dah satu hal maid nak balik kampung passport kena perbaharui.

Kitorang pun macam anak itik ikut diorang kat kedai bebetul tepi parking exit tu. Diorang berlakon ala-ala busy mintak dokumen, depan PC, konon ambil gambar maid guna handphone submit online. Bayar RM70 okay!!!

Rupanya you need to register online to get queue number. Balik rumah try google… alahai.. boleh buat sendiri online .. and its free… omg! (tepuk dahi).. bape ramai la mangsa dorang tadi. modus operandi cakap no dah habis… dorang ada reserve number. Bengong pergi percaya buat apa.

Embassy won’t allow any walk in visitors/ guests/ employer without queue number to enter. Dont dream they let you in … go home and get your appointment date online. You have to come on the right scheduled date and time with printed QR Code.

How to register for Queue Number?

Actually you can register yourself here

I do fake registration and upload gambar ikan bilis pun dapat no giliran … haihhh…. memamg bulat-bulat leh kena kelentong.

Tekan Menu Paspor > Pendaftaran Antrian Paspor Online

Fill in completely from step 1-4

online registration form to fill

You can choose available date and time for them to release the queue no. This is good to avoid over crowd.

This notification paper i saw when we went inside for passport renewal ya… ;0


Register Online for Queue Number notice

Here are some catatan after you successfully registered;

  1. Pemohon wajib mengisi data diri yang benar;
  2. Pemohon wajib membawa pensyaratan yang ditentukan;
  3. Pemohon wajib menunjukkan bukti booking antrian online;
  4. Pemohon wajib datang sesuai Jadwal minimal 15 menit sebelum jam yang dipilih;
  5. Pemohon tidak akan dilayani apabila lewat tanggal maupun jam yang telah ditentukan;
  6. Pemohon tidak akan dilayani apabila tidak memenuhi pensyaratan yang ditentukan;
  7. Pemohon langsung mengambil nomor antrian foto paspor dengan QRCode yang telah dikirimkan melalui email dan menuju ruang tunggu Antrian Pemohon Online.

Thats all…